Updated: 02/07/2017 01:10 PM | First Published: 02/06/2017 07:19 PM

Maria LaRosa has settled her paradise with husband & three kids in Atlanta

Maria LaRosa with husband and sons

Lucky Maria LaRosa! She has got  such a supportive and loving husband, Mariusz Kolakowski. No doubt, the couple is living a fairytale life as any no rumor of separation or infidelity from any one of them have ever surfaced in the media. The happy family of five including LaRosa, her husband and three sons is residing happily in Atlanta.

Maria's career happenings never miss to make highlights in the media however, context differs when it comes to her personal life. It's still unknown, when their love saga began and they got binded in marital bond.  She has neither shared any post marriage details. However, we can guess that Mariusz is truly her better half.

The made-for-each-other duo is blessed with three children. She gave birth to her first child, a baby boy Michael in 2005. Three years later,, second son Justin came into this earth that was followed by third son Tyler's birth on 3rd May 2010. The cute bundle of joys completed their the paradise of the love birds.

Working in the industry, where the one needs to give more time dedication, Maria is still able to maintain healthy relationships. She has tactfully handled her professional and personal life, taking both hand in hand but never mixing. Consequently, she has achieved wide-spread recognition throughout the US as a dedicated weather reporter and anchor, and an ideal wife and mother. Way to go Maria!