Manuela Testolini used to be the wife of the legendary American musician Prince. With his extraordinary musical talent, he earned seven Grammy Awards and even an Oscar during his illustrious career. On the other hand, Manuela has pursued her path, contributing to various philanthropic endeavors.

Testolini was born on September 19, 1976, in Toronto, Canada. She falls under the zodiac sign Virgo. Her birthplace is known for its diverse culture and vibrant city life. Growing up in such an environment may have influenced her experiences and shaped her as an individual.

The Ex-Wife Of Prince

Manuela Testolini and Prince crossed paths in Minneapolis during her role as a consultant for his charity, Love 4 One Another. Their connection grew, leading them to tie the knot on December 31, 2001, in Hawaii, after a period of dating. The couple eventually parted ways in 2006.

Manuela Testolini and Prince are leaning onto one other with their back in the picture.
Manuela Testolini and Prince in a Photoshoot (Source: Pinterest)

The exact reasons for Testolini and Prince’s divorce were not publicly disclosed. However, legal documents did reveal that the couple sought guidance from elders in their Jehovah’s Witness faith when problems arose in April 2005. She shared that the singer eventually locked her out of one of their Chanhassen homes and cut her off financially. It’s worth noting that he denied all of these claims.

Who Is Testolini’s Current Husband?

Manuela Testolini found love again after her divorce from Prince and is currently married to R&B singer Eric Benét. The couple first crossed paths at a Los Angeles Fashion Week event. They had previously gotten engaged in November after three years of dating. The culmination of their love story was a beautiful wedding on July 31, 2011, in Newport Beach, California.

It’s worth mentioning that Benét was previously married to the famous actress Halle Berry. Interestingly, people have remarked on the physical resemblance between Manuela and Berry, noting a similarity in their looks.

Unanticipated Journey Of Dating Prince’s Ex-Wife

Manuela and Eric’s love story has a surprising twist. When they first started dating, the “Sometimes I Cry” singer had no idea that he was romantically involved with Prince’s ex-wife. The revelation came about during a trip to the airport when they talked about the complexities of her divorce.

Manuela Testolini is wearing an Orange dress and Eric Benét is wearing a blue suit and a hat.
Manuela Testolini with her husband, Eric Benét (Source: Instagram @manuelatestolini)

Reflecting on the situation with Van Lathan on the Podcast, Eric shared that they had been seeing each other for a few months. During that time, she had mentioned going through a divorce. He, assuming she was married to an Italian man due to her last name, Testolini, remained unaware of the high-profile connection. It was during the trip that she disclosed the identity of her ex-husband, Troy Beyer’s former lover, Prince.

Prince’s Ex-wife Net Worth Status

Manuela Testolini’s estimated net worth is $8 million. Notably, she is a dedicated philanthropist working through her founded, In a Perfect World Foundation. Besides, she has ventured into the business world with the establishment of Gamillah, a designer candle company.

Testolini, following her divorce from Prince, also received financial assets as part of the settlement. The specific details of the financial arrangement remain undisclosed. But, it is known that the singer offered her $10,000 a month in spousal support, as mentioned in an article from CBS News. The exact terms of the settlement, however, are unclear from the available documents.

Despite this ambiguity, it is confirmed that Testolini did receive a house valued at approximately $6 million in Toronto, Canada, as well as a Lexus automobile. This provided her with certain resources to move forward in her life beyond the high-profile marriage.

Manuela Testolini Is A Mother

Manuela is not only a woman of diverse talents but also a loving mother. As mentioned in an article from Hollywood Life, she shares two daughters. Lucia Bella Jordan was born on December 21, 2011, and Amoura Luna Jordan was born on July 13, 2014, with her husband Benét. She often expresses her love and pride for her daughters by sharing heartwarming moments on Instagram.

Manuela Testolini, Eric Benét, Lucia and Amoura Jordan are posing for the family picture at the brunch.
Manuela Testolini kids, Luci and Amoura Jordan (Source: Instagram @manuelatestolini)

In addition to her children, Testolini is a stepmother to India Benét. She was born on December 4, 1991. Embracing the role of both a biological and stepmother demonstrates her commitment to family.

Education Background

Testolini’s educational background is anchored in a foundation of academic excellence. She attended York University, where she pursued studies in Law and Sociology.

During her time at university, Prince’s ex-wife actively engaged in student life by taking on the role of Vice President in the Law Students Society. The combination of legal and sociological studies suggests a well-rounded approach to understanding societal structures and dynamics.

Manuela Is A Philanthropist

Manuela’s commitment to making a positive impact on the world is evident through her role as a philanthropist. Since December 2005, she has served as the Founder and President of the “In A Perfect World Foundation.” It is a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower the next generation.

In addition, Manuela is actively involved in various other philanthropic endeavors. Since May 2023, she has served as a Member and Juror for Education, Art, and Culture at the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). Furthermore, she has contributed her expertise as an Advisor to the Business Equity Council at The Virtue Project since January 2020. Additionally, as a Member of the Board of Advisors at Kiss The Ground since January 2019.

Testolini’s work through the In A Perfect World Foundation has been recognized with several prestigious awards. She has received the Champion for Children Award from School the World, the Fearless Women Award from The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington, the Muhammad Ali Voice of Humanity, and a Woman of Excellence Honoree by the Ladylike Foundation among others.

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Some Facts About Manuela Testolini

  • Manuela Testolini stands at 5’5” (165 cm) and weighs 137 pounds (62 kg).
  • Manuela’s background is culturally diverse; her mother was Egyptian, and her father was Italian.
  • Testolini is an Asana Ambassador, a software company based in San Francisco.
  • Manuela’s Instagram handle is @manuelatestolini, where she often shares glimpses of her life, work, and philanthropic endeavors.
  • Manuela holds the position of Chief Visionary Officer at Gamillah, Inc., a designer candle company.


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