Mallory Edens is a successful businesswoman, model, and internet celebrity. She’s not just known for her achievements but is also rumored to be the girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers, a famous football player from the New York Jets. She is the daughter of Wes Edens, who is the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, a basketball team. Being part of a family deeply involved in sports and business, she has carved her path in the entrepreneurial world and has gained a significant following online.

Edens was born on April 18, 1996, under the zodiac sign Aries. Aries people, like her, are known for their energy, enthusiasm, and determination. These traits seem to resonate well with her journey as a young entrepreneur and public figure.

Is Edens Currently Dating Aaron Rodgers?

Mallory Edens is in a relationship with the well-known football player, Aaron Rodgers. Rumors about their romance started swirling around in December 2022, although they had known each other for several years before that. What makes their connection even more interesting is the friendship between Rodgers and her father, Wes Edens, which goes back a long way.

Aaron Rodgers is walking wearing a red jersey with number 12.
Mallory Edens’s boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers (Source: Aaron Rodgers Instagram @aaronrodgers12)

Mallory and Aaron have been seen together at various events, such as an Ed Sheeran concert and Milwaukee Bucks games. Despite their public appearances, they’ve kept their relationship pretty private, not revealing much about it to the public. Sometimes, celebrities prefer to keep their personal lives away from the spotlight, cherishing those special moments just for themselves.

Net Worth Of Mallory Edens

Mallory Edens has made quite a name for herself in the business world, with an estimated net worth of $5 million. Apart from being the owner of her production company called Little Ray Media, she’s also a familiar face on the internet. Mallory not only runs her business but also dabbles in modeling and other ventures, adding to her income. It’s impressive to see how she’s diversified her talents and skills, finding success in various fields.

Edens comes from a family deeply rooted in business and sports. Her father, Wes, is a highly successful entrepreneur with a net worth of $4 billion. He’s one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group and the founder of New Fortress Energy, showcasing his prowess in the business world. Additionally, he shares ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks, a prominent basketball team, and is also involved in the world of soccer as a co-owner of the Premier League team, Aston Villa.

Has A Sister

Mallory has a sister named Madison Edens, who has taken a different path and become a physician. Her sister works at The Mount Sinai Hospital, dedicating her time to helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. She is married to a man named Chris Ball, embarking on her journey of love and family.

Mallory and Madison Edens are at the stadium stands taking a selfie.
Mallory Edens with her sister, Madison Edens (Source: Madison Edens Instagram @madison_edens)

Despite their busy lives, Madison also shares snippets of her life on social media, including a few pictures with her sister Mallory. It’s heartwarming to see the bond between the sisters, even amid their hectic schedules. These glimpses into their personal lives remind us that, no matter how busy we are, family and the connections we share are always something worth cherishing.

What Is The Education Background Of Mallory?

Edens pursued her education diligently. She attended the prestigious Princeton University (the institute Brooke Shields studied at) where she dedicated her time and effort to her studies. In 2018, she achieved a significant milestone by earning her bachelor’s degree, marking the completion of her undergraduate education.

Before her time at Princeton, Mallory laid the foundation of her education at Trevor Day School, a preparatory school that likely provided her with the skills and knowledge that helped her succeed in her higher studies.

Has Found Success In The Modeling Industry

Mallory has made her mark in the modeling world, securing contracts with several renowned modeling agencies throughout her career. She has been signed by esteemed agencies such as Ford Models, Women Management, One Management, and Elite Model Management, showcasing her versatility and appeal as a model.

Mallory Edens is posing in a red dress.
Mallory Edens in a Photoshoot (Source: Mallory Edens Instagram @malloryedens)

You can catch a glimpse of her modeling journey on her Instagram, where Edens shares a few stunning snapshots from her shoots. Her presence in the modeling industry not only highlights her beauty but also her ability to capture the essence of fashion and style. She has found decent success in this industry.

Used To Be An Athlete Back In The Day

In her college days at Princeton University, Edens wasn’t just a dedicated student; she was also an athlete. She used to be a part of the women’s track and field team, competing at the Division I level. Her specialty was mid-distance running, which requires both speed and endurance. Being a Division I athlete indicates her talent and the hard work she put into her sport.

In her track and field journey, Mallory achieved some impressive personal bests. In the 1500-meter event, she clocked in at 5 minutes and 4.68 seconds during the Quad Meet in 2015, showcasing her speed and endurance. Additionally, in the 3000-meter event at the Princeton Open in the same year, she achieved a noteworthy time of 11 minutes and 2.03 seconds, as per her bio on the Princeton Tigers Website. These records reflect her determination to push her limits and strive for excellence.

Edens’ Famous “Beef” With Drake

Mallory Edens once made headlines for her friendly rivalry with the famous rapper, Drake. While she passionately supports the Milwaukee Bucks, Drake’s love for the Toronto Raptors is no secret. The tension between them escalated during Game Five of the Eastern Conference Finals in the 2019 NBA Playoffs when Mallory wore a shirt featuring Pusha T, who has a history of feuds with Drake, as mentioned in an article from the New York Post.

Mallory Edens is sitting next to Aaron Rodgers.
Mallory Edens wearing the Pusha T-shirt (Source: Mallory Edens Instagram @malloryedens)

This playful banter sparked rumors of a beef between Edens and Drake. However, Mallory clarified the situation during an interview with ESPN in November 2019, putting all the rumors to rest. She stated, “We’re not beefing, we’re good.” It’s a reminder that sports rivalries can sometimes spill into the celebrity world, but in the end, it’s all in good spirits and mutual respect.

The Time Mallory Called Out Chris Sheridan

In 2014, Mallory Edens found herself in the spotlight as the Milwaukee Bucks’ team representative during the NBA draft lottery. However, her moment of fame turned into controversy when sports columnist Chris Sheridan referred to her as a “trophy daughter” in his column. She, understandably, didn’t take kindly to being labeled in this way.

Showing her strong and outspoken side, Edens took to Twitter to call Chris out, standing up for herself against the unfair portrayal. Her response showcased her resilience and determination to challenge stereotypes and demand respect, even in the face of media scrutiny. She didn’t hesitate to speak up as she felt she was being treated unjustly.

A Bit About Mallory’s Father, Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a remarkable figure in the business world. He’s not just a billionaire, but also a shrewd businessman and private equity investor. Wes co-founded the Fortress Investment Group, showcasing his knack for successful ventures. Additionally, he founded New Fortress Energy, underlining his commitment to sustainable and innovative energy solutions.

In the sports realm, Wes is a prominent figure too. He is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, contributing significantly to the team’s success. Beyond basketball. He’s also a co-owner of Aston Villa, a respected name in the Premier League. His diverse investments and passion for both business and sports demonstrate his versatility and drive, making him an influential figure in multiple fields.


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