Malachi Jakes became famous as the son of Sarah Jakes Roberts. His mom, Sarah is a successful businesswoman and writer. She speaks on all kinds of television programs and in magazines as well. Besides these roles, she is co-pastor of The Potter’s House. This place dear to many lives has special meaning in the lives of a great number of people.

Malachi, born on August 21, 2002, is a complex individual who works as an actor, writer, and singer. Since his birthday is under the zodiac sign Leo, he will probably have qualities of confidence and creativity, with a charismatic personality.

What is Malachi’s Relationship Status?

Right now, Malachi Jakes is still single and there are no records of a previous relationship. It seems he’s mainly concerned with advancing his career and spending time on personal growth. Whether he’s actively pursuing romance is still unknown.

Malachi Jakes is wearing a brown jacket, white t-shirt and a black pant.
Malachi Jakes’ posing for the pictures (Source: Instagram @themalachijakes)

But Malachi’s steady devotion to his career may put all that energy toward professional ends. It is clear that with his paths in acting, writing, and singing he wants to hone skills and get known as an artist while persevering.

Malachi’s Educational Journey and Artistic Training

Malachi’s pursuit of knowledge and artistic excellence is reflected in his educational journey and training. He delved into the intricacies of film acting by completing an Advanced Film Acting Course at the Colorado School of Acting. Additionally, he broadened his skills in the performing arts by undertaking a program in Music Theater at the AMDA College and Conservatory.

Furthermore, Jakes dedicated time to enriching his acting skills through the Six-Week Acting Summer Conservatory at The Barrow Group. These educational endeavors not only highlight Sarah’s son’s dedication to his craft but also lay a solid foundation for his multifaceted career in acting and music. He did his high school at the Rock Canyon High School.

Unplanned Pregnancy

Malachi was born unexpectedly and his father’s identity shrouded in mystery, embodies a story of strength and resilience. His mother, Sarah Jakes Roberts, faced the challenges of motherhood at a remarkably young age. She was only 14 years old when she got pregnant with her son. She acknowledged,

“I was doing the best with my son at just 14 years old. So many insecurities behind that smile. So many promises in that young soul.”

Malachi Jakes and Sarah Jakes Roberts are taking a selfie together as he is leaning on her shoulder.
Young Malachi Jakes with his mother, Sarah Jakes Roberts (Source: Instagram @themalachijakes)

The journey toward self-discovery and realizing her potential took time for Sarah, as she navigated the complexities of early parenthood. Despite the hardships, she reflects on her transformative journey with a profound perspective saying it was a hard journey, but one she wouldn’t trade for the world. She loves the woman she has become and the scars that brought her to this place.

Information on Net Worth

Malachi Jakes has revealed nothing about his net worth. His mother, Sarah Jakes Roberts, on the other hand, has achieved financial success. She has been very successful as a businesswoman, writer, and speaker with an estimated net worth of $18 million. Her fame has also spread to her books, which have become a major source of wealth for her.

What’s more, Sarah runs a women’s clothing store called Shop Women Evolve. The proceeds from this venture are a major part of her total assets. Given her style and dedication to fashion, the store seems a natural extension.

Malachi’s grandfather, the highly accomplished T.D. Jakes is worth $20 million, similar to Brendan Fraser. His impressive wealth is attributed to his roles as a bishop, author, and filmmaker. One of his notable achievements is founding The Potter’s House, a renowned church that has become a beacon of spiritual guidance for many.

Has Few Siblings

Malachi is part of a diverse and blended family, surrounded by his siblings. Makenzie Henson, born on August 14, 2009, is a half-sibling from Sarah’s previous marriage to Robert Henson. Ella Roberts, born on February 10, 2016, is her daughter with her current husband, Touré Roberts.

Malachi Jakes and his family are posing for a picture outside in the garden.
Malachi Jakes with his family (Source: Instagram @sarahjakeroberts)

The family also includes Ren Taylor Roberts, born on May 21, 1996, who is the eldest stepchild and the result of Touré’s prior marriage to Lori Roberts. Additionally, Teya Hunter Roberts, born on February 11, 1998, is another stepdaughter in the family, stemming from Sarah’s husband’s former marriage. Completing the siblings is Isaiah Roberts, born on October 29, 2002.

Acting Career of Malachi Jakes

At age 7, Malachi Jakes started his acting career with great talent and enthusiasm for performing arts. He has a list of credits in various theatrical productions. He played Rob in the American Musical and Dramatic Academy’s production of “High Fidelity,” which was performed in February 2021, as per Backstage.

Even more, when Jakes played Shrek in the March 2021 adaptation of this much-loved story, he showcased again his ability to bring a variety of characters to life. In the play “Leaving Iowa” at Rock Canyon High School in November 2017, he played Kerri Terri. His entry into acting reaches as far back as June 2011, when he portrayed The King in “Rogers and Hammerstein Cinderella Jr” at the Creative Arts Theater School.

Trained in Dancing and Singing

Besides being an actor and blogger, Malachi Jakes even has dancing and singing training. It enriches his artistic repertoire. Opera, swing jazz, or new age contemporary, his singing prowess extends across various genres. This varied vocal training shows his determination to learn many styles of music.

Additionally, Malachi has undergone extensive dialect training. It emphasizes his commitment to delivering authentic performances across different characters and settings. From an early age, he immersed himself in dance lessons, cultivating a strong foundation in movement and expression.

Also Does Blogging

Malachi also plunges into the world of blogging, revealing another side to his creativity. As reported in Yahoo! News, he created and nourished “Moments In Mind With Malachi”: a captivating lifestyle blog in which he makes space to share his thoughts, reflections, and experiences.

With the help of blogging, Sarah’s son reaches out to his audience on a more personal level. He provides insights into his mind and looks at various aspects of life. He uses the blog to talk about his life beyond performing on stage, providing readers with insights that go beyond his roles in theater.


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