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Makena Lautner, though not particularly as famous as her brother Taylor, has achieved numerous feats on her own fields of media and academics. Makena went to Valencia High School at an early age. At the moment, she is at Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee doing her undergraduate education.

While at Valencia High School, Makena was a Varsity Volleyball Player. She had numerous opportunities to represent her school in various state level championships. She is regarded as quite a gifted player. Perhaps, Volleyball is what got her into Belmont University. She hopes to continue her volleyball career at the University as well.

Makena is believed to be a very strong-minded person. Her speech on the topic Unexpected was shared on TEDx's YouTube Channel on May 24, 2016. The video already has more than 17 thousand views. It’s quite an extraordinary achievement for a 17 years’ old girl.

Makena is currently concentrating on her studies rather than focusing on a career of any type. She is expected to graduate from Belmont University in 2020. Thereafter she plans to be fully inclined towards her career path.

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