Updated: 03/14/2017 12:00 PM | First Published: 03/14/2017 11:43 AM

Maddie Ziegler on Dance Moms: “I was stressed at 11 years old”

Maddie Ziegler sitting on floor, in front of a brick wall painted white

Maddie Ziegler doesn’t have the fondest memories of her time on Dance Moms. She revealed in a recent interview with PEOPLE NOW that she had a stressful experience while she was on Dance Moms.

The Sia protege has said that she said ‘yes’ to a lot of things that she didn’t want to do under the direction of her former dance coach Abby Lee Miller. Maddie has also revealed that under her new mentor, Sia, she had more freedom with emotion and choreography and was encouraged to say no to things she didn’t want to do. 

“I was stressed at 11 years old, which shouldn’t happen!” said Maddie, referring to the drama and pressure she underwent during the reality dance series.

Maddie starred in six seasons of Dance Moms and exited in May 2016. After her departure, she has dived into other projects such as starting her own fashion line for teens and releasing a tell-all memoir – The Maddie Diaries.

She went on to say that at present she’s the happiest she has ever been in her life and is glad to have moved on from Dance Moms.

“I'm done competing; I'm so glad to move on from competing. That's one thing I'm so happy about moving on from,” she added.