Lyssa Chapman married life with husband Brahman Galanti was a complete nightmare: Effect of divorce on her children

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Lyssa Chapman, an American bail bondswoman and bounty hunter, was married to Brahman Galanti in February 2009. Together, they brought a baby into this world in August, the same year of marriage which made a total of 5 people in their family, including their children from ex-husband and ex-wife. Despite the need of parental love for the children, the couple couldn’t stay together more than 2 years.

Lyssa Chapman separates way with rahman Galanti

Lyssa Chapman, eventually, kicked out Brahman Galanti from her life in 2011 after lots of ups and downs in the short two years of relationship. Lyssa’s mother Beth Chapman expressed her solace quoting ‘finally relieved from an abusive and unwanted relationship'. Perhaps, Lyssa wasn’t so rejoiced with this divorce.

The insiders suggest that Brahman Galanti had been a very violent and abusive partner, at least after the marriage. Lyssa, not being able to resist all the suppression, finally, decided to quit from the relationship with Galanti. Maybe that was a good choice for her, but what about the kids?

Lyssa Chapman and her children: how they were affected

Lyssa and Galanti are parents to three daughters: Abbie Mae from Lyssa's previous relationships, Serena from Brahman’s previous relationships and Madalynn Grace, born on August 7, 2009. Lyssa had her family to support her to get over the divorce with Galanti, but her three children were very much affected. Of course, a child would feel mentally tortured if her parents are quarrelling and abusing each other every day.

The reports say that the children’s lives have been as much fun since the couple divorced as they seem to have been getting continuously haunted by various incidents in the family. They are also lacking parental love and affection.

On the darker side, Lyssa the mother also suffered a psychological disorder as soon as she divorced with Galanti. A month after the divorce, she was arrested in the conviction of vandalism and physical assault to the police officer.

Well known for her role in A&E TV's Dog the Bounty Hunter, she received a lot of sympathies from her fans as well as a chain of criticisms on her behaviour after the divorce.

She seems to be doing well lately.

On the brighter side, Chapman seems to be getting well now. Based on her narration, Howard Books released her autobiography in 2013. The book was named ‘Walking on Eggshells: Discovering Strength and Courage Amid Chaos’. It can be assumed that she is recently being recognised as a courageous and motivated woman. The media hopes for Lyssa Chapman's wellness.

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