Luca Cruz Comrie is a celebrity kid who has captured the hearts of many. As the child of renowned actress Hilary Duff and former ice hockey player Mike Comrie, Luca was destined to be in the spotlight.

While talking about Comrie’s current activities, Luca is currently enjoying his childhood and spending time with his family. As of the current time, Cruz is in his early 10s. Keep reading to learn more about the celebrity child.

Early life and education of Luca Cruz Comrie

Luca Cruz Comrie was born on March 20, 2012, in Los Angeles, to Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie. Luca is the only son of Mike and Duff. Moreover, Comrie has two half-sisters Banks Violet Bair and Mae James Bair. Luca is the grandson of businessman Bill Comrie and Theresa Comrie.

Luca Cruz Comrie is the celebrity child of Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff.
The celebrity child Luca Cruz Comrie. Source: Instagram

Although Luca Cruz is not yet old enough to go to school, his parents are dedicated to ensuring he receives an excellent education. They are committed to providing him with the necessary resources and support to foster his growth into a well-rounded individual.

Luca shares a strong bond with his two sisters, Violet, and Mae. Additionally, the family frequently engages in quality time together, and Hilary has expressed her fondness for conversing with her children. Cruz also delights in accompanying his mother to the theater. Moreover, they recently relished a performance of “Back To The Future: The Musical” in London.

Luca Cruz Comrie Parents: Married Life

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie exchanged vows on August 14, 2010, in a romantic ceremony held in Santa Barbara, California. Having first met in 2007, the couple soon began dating and later welcomed their son, Luca Cruz Comrie, in 2012.

Cruz Comrie and his mother Hilary Duff.
Luca Cruz Comrie and his mother Hilary Duff. Source: Instagram

Throughout their relationship, Duff and Comrie shared a strong bond and were dedicated to nurturing their marriage. Moreover, they made a conscious effort to keep the romance alive by regularly going on dates and even exploring couples therapy. Duff spoke highly of Comrie, describing him as an “incredible” father, and their connection as “truly endearing.”

However, in May 2023, the couple made the mutual decision to separate. Despite this, they have managed to remain best friends and are fully committed to lovingly co-parenting their son. According to a close source, their separation was amicable, with the realization that they had gradually grown apart.

Hilary and Mike seem together many times, sharing smiles and enjoying each other’s company. Additionally, Duff expressed gratitude for the kindness and support they have received from their fans.

Luca Cruz Comrie: Net Worth

Luca Cruz Comrie, being too young to engage in work, does not currently possess a net worth. However, considering that Luca is the child of two incredibly wealthy parents. It is reasonable to speculate that Luca has a minimum net worth of $100,000.

Luca is sitting his mother's Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG.
Comrie the celebrity kid holding a purple flower. Source: Instagram

Comrie’s mother has a collection of luxurious cars, listed below with their estimated price.

  • Lamborghini Murcielago: $382,400 USD
  • Porsche 911 Turbo: $170,750 USD
  • Panamera: around $130,000 USD
  • Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG: $157,000 USD
  • Land Rover Range Rover Vogue: around $220,000 USD
  • BMW X5: $59,400 USD
  • Audi SQ5: $55,800 USD
  • Mercedes-Benz C250: around $50,000 USD
  • Tesla Model X: around $90,000 USD

According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Luca’s mother Hilary Duff has a net worth of $25 million. Similarly, his father Mike Comrie has approximately $20 million net worth. Besides Comrie’s parents, his grandfather Bill Comrie a businessman had over $500 million net worth.

Mike Comrie: A Former Ice Hockey Star

Luca’s father, Mike Comrie, was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on 11 September 1980. Mike made a name for himself as a professional ice hockey player. Although Ice Hockey Star’s career faced controversy when he was accused of rape, no charges were pressed against him. Despite the ups and downs, Mike’s legacy as a former athlete remains intact.

Hilary Duff: A Journey through Hollywood

Luca’s mother, Hilary Duff, was born on September 28, 1987, in Houston, Texas. Duff is a household name in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, the actress has graced the screens for nearly three decades. Her breakthrough role as Lizzie McGuire skyrocketed her to fame. Also, she has since appeared in various mainstream and independent films. Hilary’s talent and versatility have earned her numerous awards, including Kids’ Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards.

The physical appearance of the celebrity kid

Luca Cruz Comrie, a charming celebrity child, possesses an adorable appearance. Moreover, standing at roughly 3 feet and 5 inches tall (105 cm), he weighs approximately 33 lbs (15 kg). With light brown hair and hazel eyes, Luca inherited these features from his mother Hilary Duff.

Social Media Presence of the Celebrity Kid

Luca Cruz Comrie’s online presence has expanded alongside his growth. Cruz frequently appears in his mother’s social media posts, where Hilary Duff shares pictures of him. Also, she posts alongside Comrie’s sisters, Banks and Mae, and captures moments of his enjoyment in different activities.

Luca has his own Instagram account, his mother Duff manages the acoount. In addition, the account showcases pictures of Luca with his family. Captures him engaging in a range of activities, including sports and attending events.