Updated: 02/28/2017 10:15 AM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

Lori Greiner shares a strong bond with husband Daniel Greiner

A pic of Lori Greiner in a sleeveless dress

Fans know and love "The Warm Blooded Shark", but not much has been said about her husband, Dan Greiner. They met in a bar called Kincade's in Chicago a few years before they got married. Dan had always been supportive of Lori's ideas. Sources even revealed that Dan left his job to support her inventions, which would later become a multimillion dollar business. They had been together for six years then.

Lori’s supportive husband is a former assistant controller at Bell & Howell Co., a US-based motion picture machinery manufacturer. Now, he is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of his lovely wife's company, For Your Ease Only Inc.

Since the start of the relationship, Lori and Dan have been very supportive towards each other. In an interview with Forbes, Lori credited Dan as an important part of her company. She also mentioned that her husband is neither an inventor nor a risk taker. They work from the same desk at their home office and divide the work between the two. Lori handles sales, marketing, and legal, while Dan takes care of shipping, packaging, accounting, and inventory.

According to Dallas Robinson, CEO of a company that Lori is involved with, said, "[Dan]'s a man who fully knows what he’s doing and is absolutely essential to helping make their company go". Lori and Dan don't have any children yet.