Lori Brice, the former wife of the famous stand-up comedian and actor Ron White, is like a captivating chapter in the book of comedy. White, renowned as a charter member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, brought laughter to countless faces with his witty jokes and sharp humor. Despite their paths diverging, she remains a fascinating character in his life.

Brice has chosen to lead a life shrouded in mystery, preferring the tranquility of a low-profile existence. In a world often dazzled by the spotlight, her decision to stay away from the limelight speaks volumes about her character. While White’s humor echoes loudly on stage, her life seems to unfold like a quiet, enigmatic story waiting to be discovered.

Failed Marriage To Ron White

Lori Brice’s journey through matrimony with Ron White, which began on August 1, 1981, in the heart of Caldwell County, Texas, unfolded like a captivating chapter in the book of love. Their union, lasting until December 29, 1992, encapsulated a significant portion of their lives. However, as life often weaves unexpected twists, the marriage that once held promises forever faced its set of challenges.

Ron White is sitting on a panel as he is smiling.
Lori Brice’s ex-husband Ron White (Source: Ron White Instagram @ronwhiteofficial)

The echoes of irreconcilable differences became undeniable, prompting Lori to make the courageous decision to part ways, finalizing the divorce in 1993. While the legal papers might mark the end of a chapter, the resilience, and strength demonstrated by her during this period reveal a deeper narrative—a story of personal growth and the pursuit of happiness beyond the constraints of a failed marriage.

Net Worth Status

Lori Brice, with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, remains an enigmatic figure in the world of fame and fortune. Despite her financial success, she has chosen to maintain a quiet and private life, avoiding the glare of public scrutiny. Interestingly, she has not disclosed much information about the origins of her wealth, keeping the details wrapped in a shroud of mystery. The question of whether she received any financial settlement from her divorce from White remains unanswered.

Ron White, the acclaimed stand-up comedian, actor, and author, boasts an impressive net worth of $40 million, similar to Mauricio Umansky. solidifying his status as a comedy legend. Beyond the laughter he brings on stage, he has diversified his income streams, venturing into platforms like Cameo, where fans can get personalized messages from the man with the famous cigar. While he’s left audiences in stitches with his performances, he’s also made his mark on the big screen, gracing movies such as “Horrible Bosses” and “Sex and the City 2” with his charismatic presence.

Has A Son With White

Brice and White’s family story expands with the presence of their son, Marshall White, who came into the world in 1991. His journey started in the halls of Weddington High School, where he began to carve out his path. Demonstrating a passion for the arts, he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts from Full Sail University, showcasing a commitment to his creative pursuits.

Beyond his diverse professional endeavors, Marshall’s high school years were a symphony of musical passion and mentorship. A maestro in the making, he didn’t just embrace the arts; he immersed himself in the world of music as an integral member of the Marching Band. He generously shared his knowledge and skills with younger students. It’s no surprise that his dedication to music and education was recognized, as he proudly earned the well-deserved title of Music Student of the Year during his school days.

There are two pictures showing young and old Marshall White with father Ron White.
Lori Brice’s son, Marshall White (Source: Ron White Instagram @ronwhiteofficial)

White’s journey through the professional landscape showcases a diverse range of experiences, each contributing to the rich tapestry of his career. From navigating the bustling world of Paramount Studios as a Production Assistant to immersing himself in the dynamic realm of gaming as Floor Staff at Play N Trade DRT Games, his professional ventures mirror his versatility, as per his LinkedIn profile.

Transitioning from the glitz of the entertainment industry, Marshall took on the role of Cashier at Regal Cinemas, where every ticket sold might have been a step in his cinematic narrative. Adding another layer to his eclectic career, he assumed the responsibility of Tour Manager at Plastered Touring, bringing organization and flair to the chaotic yet exhilarating world of live performances.

Did White Cheat On Brice?

The question of whether Ron White cheated on Lori Brice remains draped in the complexity of comedy and the blurred lines between reality and performance. As reported in an article from Texas Monthly, he provided insight into a comedic bit about infidelity in his first marriage. He candidly shared,

“I used to do a bit about cheating on my first wife, and it’s a very complicated process to sell a cheating bit.”

White then delved into the art of storytelling, admitting that he strategically painted a less favorable picture of his first wife to gain audience sympathy. He painted a portrait of her as someone from a wealthy family who despised him and refused intimacy. This narrative manipulation, however, leaves the authenticity of his confession in question. Was it a genuine admission or a cleverly crafted comedic tale? The ambiguity surrounding whether his revelations were rooted in reality or performance adds an intriguing layer to the enigma of his personal life, leaving fans pondering where truth ends and entertainment begins.

Other Wives Of Brice’s Ex-husband

Ron White’s romantic journey has unfolded like a series of chapters, each contributing to the unique story of his love life. Following his divorce from Lori Brice, he embarked on new chapters with two subsequent marriages. His second union with Barbara Dobbs, spanning from June 2004 to the year the original MacBook Air was introduced, i.e., in 2008, represents a period of shared laughter and companionship. However, like the ebb and flow of life, this chapter eventually concluded.

White’s other marital chapter features Margo Rey, whom he wed on October 13, 2013. While their union initially appeared as an ongoing narrative, recent developments suggest a turning point, as she filed for divorce. The complexities of love and relationships continue to shape the comedian’s storyline, weaving a tale that reflects the unpredictable nature of romance and the ever-evolving chapters of the heart.

Involved In Charity Works

Amid her private life, Brice emerges as a beacon of compassion through her involvement in charitable endeavors. Beyond the confines of fame and relationships, he has dedicated her time to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Her altruistic spirit shines brightly as she has actively participated in fundraisers for notable causes.

In the past, Lori organized a heartfelt fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, contributing to the noble mission of advancing cures and means of prevention for pediatric catastrophic diseases. Additionally, her philanthropic efforts extended to supporting the American Heart Association, showcasing a commitment to health and well-being.

Has Lori Brice Found Love Again?

Lori Brice, now known as Lori Brice Exline, appears to have embraced a new chapter of love in her life. The subtle yet poignant confirmation came through a picture shared on her Facebook account, capturing a moment of joy with her newfound companion.

Lori Brice and her man are smiling looking at each other in this monochrome image.
Lori Brice’s alleged husband (Source: Lori Brice Facebook)

While the image speaks volumes, Lori has chosen to keep the details of her blossoming romance under wraps, leaving her followers intrigued and curious about this new love story. In a world often enamored with celebrity relationships, her discreet approach adds an air of mystery to her personal life, allowing love to unfold in its own time and space.


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