The folks over at Long Island Audit, a YouTube channel, have a simple but important mission. They want to see if the people who work in places like police stations and town halls treat the public’s right to record things with respect. You know, like using your phone to make videos or take pictures. They go to these places and share their experiences on YouTube, so everyone can see what happens.

The YouTube channel is run by a guy named Sean Paul Reyes. He likes to call himself a Constitutional Activist and Investigative Journalist. What that means is he’s really passionate about our Constitution, which is like the rulebook for our country, and he works hard to make sure our rights are protected.

Relationship Status Of The Auditor

When it comes to his personal life, Long Island Audit’s Sean Paul Reyes seems to prefer keeping things private. From what we know, it looks like he might be single, as there are no records or public information about his relationships.

Sean Paul Reyes is talking to the camera through a recording mic.
Sean Paul Reyes in one of his videos (Source: Long Island Audit YouTube Channel)

Some people like to share their love lives with the world, but the Investigative journalist seems to value his privacy and keeps his personal matters to himself. It’s totally okay, and everyone has their way of living life. What matters most is the work Sean does on his YouTube channel and how he’s making a positive impact there!

Net Worth Of The YouTuber

It’s estimated that Long Island Audit’s, Sean Paul Reyes has a net worth of around $200,000, and most of that comes from his YouTube channel. YouTube is where he shares his videos and investigations, and it seems like a lot of people really appreciate his work. Over time, as his channel grew, he likely earned money through things like ads, sponsorships, and maybe even merchandise.

Long Island Audit is quite busy on YouTube, uploading approximately 8 videos every month. It seems like a lot of people are interested in what he has to say because each of his videos gets around 300,000 views on average. That’s a pretty big audience! And you know what’s even more impressive? He is making around $40,000 every month just from the ad revenue alone.

In addition to the YouTube earnings, Sean has found another way to support his channel and spread his message. He’s created some cool merchandise for his followers. You can get your hands on Long Island Audit hoodies, T-shirts, feather pens, stickers, and even We The People caps and mugs, among other items. It’s a great way for fans to show their support for the channel while also getting some cool gear.

Reyes not only relies on YouTube earnings and merchandise sales but also has a GoFundMe page to support his work. The money collected there is used to cover any legal expenses he might face when dealing with unlawful arrests and violations of his rights during his investigations. It’s impressive to see the support he’s received from his audience, as he’s managed to generate over $47,000 through these donations.

Some Stats On The Long Island Audit YouTube Channel

The Long Island Audit YouTube channel is relatively new to the platform, having joined on March 8, 2021. But despite being around for a shorter time, they’ve managed to make a big impact. Reyes’ videos have been viewed over an incredible 154 million times, and he has gathered a dedicated following of over 553,000 subscribers. And he’s been quite productive too, creating and sharing over 338 videos already.

Sean Paul Reyes and Jacob Uriel are chatting and having a laugh.
Sean Paul Reyes with his attorney, Jacob Uriel (Source: Sean Paul Reyes Instagram @longislandaudit)

Reyes has come a long way since he first started on YouTube on March 8, 2021. His very first video was titled “DONT TOUCH ME!!!” 1st Amendment Audit FAIL!!! COP GETS PHYSICAL!” and it seems like he was already taking on important issues right from the beginning. But what really got people’s attention is his most popular video, titled “ARREST ME THEN!” | SGT. SAYS FILMING IN PUBLIC IS AGAINST VILLAGE CODE! GETS EDUCATED ON 1A | FAIL!” This video has gained massive traction, with over 2.9 million views.

About The Man Behind Long Island Audit

Sean Paul Reyes wears two important hats in his work: he’s a Constitutional Activist and an Investigative Journalist. As a Constitutional Activist, he’s all about making sure our rights, as laid out in the Constitution, are respected and protected. He takes these rights seriously and goes out into the world to see if officials and others are treating them with the respect they deserve.

What’s really cool is how Reyes addresses everyone as “We The People.” That’s a way of reminding us that we all have a stake in these rights, and they’re not just something in a book; they’re the foundation of our country. So, his work is about making sure “We The People” can enjoy our rights in a fair and just way.

What Is Reyes’s Aim Through His YouTube Channel?

Sean Paul Reyes has a clear mission through his YouTube channel: he’s determined to ensure that the American people’s rights are never violated. He’s all about promoting transparency and accountability from those who serve the public. Many Law Enforcement Officers take their oath to uphold the Constitution very seriously, and the YouTuber himself has even had conversations with some of them who support his work, just as he supports their dedication to serving the country.

However, for those who don’t take their oath seriously and violate the rights of citizens, Sean Paul wants them to know that they will be held accountable for their actions. Together, as “We The People,” he won’t stand for any violations of our rights. His efforts to protect and make people aware of the First Amendment Audits across the United States are a reminder that the rights enshrined in the Constitution are fundamental and should be respected by all.

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Social Media Presence

Long Island Audit has expanded its online presence beyond YouTube to reach a wider audience. Sean is active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. You can easily find him on Instagram with the handle @longislandaudit, on Facebook under @Long Island Audit Inc., on TikTok at @longislandaudit, and on Twitter with the handle @LongIslandAudit.

What’s consistent across all these platforms is that Long Island Audit maintains a strict focus on work-related content. Just like on their YouTube channel, Reyes keeps his personal life private and shares posts related to his mission and investigations. This dedication to the cause helps him connect with his audience, raise awareness about important issues, and ensure that the message reaches as many people as possible.

The Legal Battle With The NYPD

Sean Paul Reyes has been engaged in a legal battle with the NYPD due to a series of confrontations related to his right to film in government buildings. This includes an incident during a protest in April 2023, outside a precinct in Staten Island, as mentioned in an article from Silive. These encounters resulted in Sean Paul taking legal action against the NYPD.

Sean Paul Reyes and an officer is eyeing each other as another officer is trying to deescalate the situation.
Sean Paul Reyes in confrontation with the NYPD (Source: Sean Paul Reyes Instagram @longislandaudit)

As of the time of writing, Reyes’ case is still ongoing. This legal battle highlights his commitment to defending his rights and shedding light on the importance of respecting the rights of individuals to document and hold public officials accountable for their actions. It’s a reminder that even in the face of challenges, individuals like him are willing to stand up for what they believe in.


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