Updated: 02/14/2017 02:07 PM | First Published: 02/13/2017 10:07 PM

Liz Claman shot to success with Fox Business' Closing Bell

Fox Business' Liz Claman in a green dress

In 1998, Liz Claman worked for CNBC as a fill-in anchor. She was eventually signed by the Fox Business Network. She is currently an anchor of the Fox Business Network 3 pm show, Countdown to the Closing Bell. She is considered to be one of the top anchors in television.

Liz appears curious, fun and knowledgeable. Liz’s show is considered a hit because of her “sense of fun and what-the-heck-let's-do-it” persona. Since joining Fox Business Network, Liz has collected an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Liz has remarked how she always wanted to host a “personality-driven” show. In her words, she “wanted [3 p.m. Closing Bell's] hour to be different, because it's the last hour of trade.” She mentioned that she feels lucky, "I don't have to act as if I'm a buttoned-up financial television anchor. I could just really be Liz Claman, who's curious and has a sense of humor."

Liz has interviewed high-profile celebrities, ranging from business and political leaders to technical analysts at Apple and Samsung. Some of her popular interviews are with investment legend Warren Buffett, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Jamie Dimon, Jack Kemp, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Paul H. O'Neill. Apart from personalities in the US internal affairs, she has also interviewed Israeli President Shimon Peres, Israel's Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and London Mayor Boris Johnson.