Lisette Morelos, a talented Mexican actress, has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with her unforgettable performances. Many remember her as Ana Cristina Rivera Hill Hernández in the popular TV series “Alma Rebelde,” where she portrayed her character with grace and passion. Her stellar acting skills were once again showcased when she took on the role of Mónica Sorrento in “Alma Indomable,” another beloved TV series.

Morelos, whose birth name is Lisette Morelos Zaragoza, was born on May 21, 1978. She is from the vibrant city of Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. She falls under the zodiac sign Gemini, reflecting her curious and adaptable nature. Growing up in the lively atmosphere of Mexico City, she was destined for stardom.

Relationship Status Of Morelos

Lisette Morelos has found love in the arms of Rigoberto Castañeda, and their relationship has been blossoming since 2013. Together, they have shared moments of laughter, joy, and companionship, building a strong bond that is the foundation of their partnership. They haven’t disclosed much about their relationship but she has shared pics with her lover on her social media.

Rigoberto Castañeda is taking a selfie wearing a black hat and doing a thumbs up sign.
Lisette Morelos partner, Rigoberto Castañeda (Source: Rigoberto Castañeda Instagram @rigocosta)

Castañeda stands tall in the world of filmmaking as a skilled director, showcasing his talent through gripping stories that captivate audiences. His notable works such as “KM 31: Kilómetro 31,” “Diablero,” “Km 31-2,” and “S.O.Z: Soldados o Zombies” have left a lasting impact on the film industry. He has a penchant for the horror genre, as most of his filmography revolves around tales that send chills down your spine.

Used To Be A Married Woman

Lisette, like many of us, has experienced the complexities of love and relationships. In the past, she was married to John Bainbridge, and their journey together spanned from 2005 to 2012. While their time together is a part of her personal history, she understandably keeps most of the details about her previous marriage private.

Like all of us, celebrities also have their personal lives that they prefer to keep away from the spotlight. It’s a reminder that behind the fame and glamour, they navigate through life’s challenges and changes, just like everyone else. Morelos’ focus on her work and her choice to keep her personal life private showcases her strength and resilience as she continues her journey, both in her career and in her relationships.

What Is The Net Worth Of The Actress?

Lisette Morelos has not only won hearts with her acting but has also made a mark in the financial realm with a net worth of $4 million, similar to Shannon Bream. Her main source of income is, of course, her talent in acting, a skill that has brought her success and recognition. While the exact figures of her salary remain undisclosed, her notable works in popular TV series like “Alma Indomable” and “Alma Rebelde” have undoubtedly contributed significantly to her wealth.

Lisette Morelos is wearing a black dress and posing with a grey background.
Lisette Morelos in a Photoshoot (Source: Lisette Morelos Instagram @lisette_morelos)

Morelos’ dedication to her craft has not only made her a beloved figure on-screen. It has also paved the way for her financial success, showcasing the rewards of hard work and talent in the entertainment industry. Her achievements stand as a testament to her talent and determination in the competitive world of acting.

Started Pretty Young In The Film Industry

Morelos began her journey in the film industry at a remarkably young age. As a little girl of just 10 years old, she stepped into the world of acting, showcasing her talent and passion from the very start. Her dedication and skill were evident, leading her to her first significant opportunity at the tender age of 16 in the year Oksana Baiu won the gold medal at the Winter Olympics, i.e. in 1994. In this year, she earned her first supporting role in a Daytime Serial titled “Silent Love.”

It’s incredible to think about the courage and talent Lisette displayed at such a young age, setting the stage for a successful career that was bound to unfold. Lisette’s story reminds us that talent knows no age, and with determination and hard work, even the youngest of individuals can achieve remarkable feats in the world of entertainment.

Let’s Look At Lisette Morelos’ Acting Career

Lisette Morelos’ acting career is nothing short of remarkable. Her big break came with a leading role in “You and Me,” and from there, it was a whirlwind of success. The actress seamlessly transitioned from one significant role to another in popular Serials like “Alejandra’s Secret,” “Camila,” “Rebellious” (Alma Rebelde), and “Angel’s Face.” With each role, she showcased her talent, earning her a reputation as one of the best and most recognizable actresses in Mexico.

Lisette’s popularity reached new heights with iconic titles like “Rebellious God’s Messenger” (Angel Rebelde), “Unbreakable Spirit” (Alma Indomable), and “Aurora.” These shows not only showcased her incredible acting skills but also made her one of the most renowned actresses in all of Latin America. Through her roles, she breathed life into diverse characters, captivating audiences across the continent.

In 2010, Lisette stepped into the world of sitcoms with her debut in the incredibly popular show “Girl from My Heart.” Her talent and charm shone through, earning her a special place in the hearts of the audience. Just two years later, in 2012, she achieved another significant milestone in her career. The series, titled “Infamous,” became an instant sensation, drawing in viewers with its compelling storyline and remarkable performances.

Morelos expanded her horizons by venturing into English-speaking roles, showcasing her talent on an international platform. One notable achievement was her involvement in a pilot for the TV series “Charlie’s Angels,” as mentioned on her IMDb page. This step marked her foray into the competitive world of American television.

Where Did Morelos Formally Learned From?

Lisette Morelos honed her acting skills at the prestigious Centro de Educación Artística (CEA) of Televisa, an esteemed educational institution dedicated to nurturing talent in the field of entertainment. At CEA, she had the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and mentors, allowing her to refine her craft and develop her unique acting style.

The institution’s association with Televisa, one of Mexico’s largest media companies, provided Morelos with a platform to immerse herself in the world of acting, gaining valuable knowledge and experience that would shape her successful career. It’s a testament to her determination and passion for the arts that she chose to learn from such a renowned institution, setting the foundation for her journey in the entertainment industry.

Loves Dogs And Is Also An Animal Rights Activist

Morelos not only shines on screen but also has a big heart for animals. She shares a special bond with her two black pit bulls, often featuring them on her Instagram, showcasing the love and joy they bring into her life. Beyond being a pet lover, she is also deeply passionate about animal rights.

The two dogs are black Pitbull's, sitting next to each other.
Lisette Morelos petdogs (Source: Lisette Morelos Instagram @lisette_morelos)

Lisette’s advocacy work reflects her commitment to raising awareness about the welfare of animals and ensuring they are treated with kindness and respect. By openly discussing her role as an animal rights activist, she encourages others to join the cause, emphasizing the importance of compassion towards all living beings.

The Actress Is Ambidextral

Lisette possesses a unique and impressive talent—she is ambidextral, meaning she can write with both her left and right hands. This remarkable ability showcases her exceptional coordination and versatility. Being ambidextral is quite rare and demonstrates her natural talent and the range of her skills.

It’s fascinating to think about Morelos’ ability to switch between hands effortlessly, a talent that adds to her charm and uniqueness as an individual. This skill not only speaks volumes about the actress’s physical dexterity but also adds an intriguing layer to the many talents she possesses.


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