Updated: 01/12/2017 04:26 PM | First Published: 01/12/2017 10:28 AM

Lisa Leslie was invited by over 100 colleges before joining high school

Lisa Leslie in college jersey

While Lisa Leslie was in middle school, she was already 6.1 feet tall but she had not participated in any of the sports. She aspired to become a television reporter, especially a weatherwoman, back then.

 She got the opportunity to discover her interest in basketball when a classmate asked for her help with the basketball team. Initially a left-handed player, Lisa gradually learned to play with her right hand as well and ultimately she became ambidextrous.

Lisa’s zeal for basketball continued even after being transferred to a junior high school without a girls’ basketball team. She began playing in the boys’ team and gathered success and confidence.

Lisa’s abilities stunned everyone in the school and even attracted many from outside. Her impressive performance invited an unbelievable number of recruiting letters from over a hundred colleges before she had even joined a high school. 14 years old Lisa received recruiting letters from Stanford University and the University of Tennessee as well.

In 1986, Lisa got enrolled at Morningside High School and started influencing its basketball team from the beginning. Whilst dominating in the Morningside High School games with her amazing performance on the basketball team, she also managed to play on the volleyball team. Moreover, she became a state qualifier in the high jump and the 400-meter run.

As a sophomore in high school, Lisa was the leading scorer in the team. She led her team to California State Championship in 1989 and was approached to play in the USA’s Junior World Championship.

Becoming the country’s top player, Leslie continued her studies from University of Southern California (USC). She played with the college team from 1990 to 1994 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Leslie also holds a master’s degree in Business Administration received from the University of Phoenix.