Linda Church underwent drastic weight loss after illness

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Linda lost considerable weight in 2011 because of a serious illness. She had suffered from an infectious disease in her abdomen caused by a perforated bowel. Her weight loss was clearly evident when she appeared on her show. Fans poured their concerns over her thinning figure on her social media but Linda addressed the situation only after some time.

On November 30, 2011, she wrote on her Facebook timeline, “For those of you who have been asking here's my part that doesn't work...I perforated my bowel which sent infectious disease throughout my abdomen. This is painful and obviously dangerous. I’ve mostly healed and will get several feet of my bowels cut out in January.” She thanked Beth Israel Hospital for helping her to get fully recovered and also expressed gratitude towards the kind comments from her fans.

Linda returned to work in full force after her recovery and now, she continues to excel at what she does. The gorgeous weathercaster has measurements of 36-25-37 inches.

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