Life Uncontained is a captivating YouTube channel run by the adventurous couple, Spencer Kyle and Mackenzie Kyle. They have taken on an exciting challenge: constructing a unique shipping container home from scratch. Through their inspiring videos, they share their journey, step by step, with viewers worldwide.

Spencer and Mackenzie’s passion for building their dream home is infectious, and their dedication to the project is evident in every episode. From designing the layout to tackling construction hurdles, they fearlessly face it all. As they turn an ordinary shipping container into a cozy and sustainable living space, their audience eagerly follows along, learning valuable insights and gaining inspiration for their projects. With each upload, the YouTube couple brings people together, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and create something extraordinary.

The Love Life Of Spencer and Mackenzie

The Love Life of Spencer Kyle and Mackenzie Kyle remains a bit of a mystery on their YouTube channel, Life Uncontained. While they openly share their passion for building their dream home, they keep their personal love life private. What is known is that the two are happily married and hail from the sunny state of Florida, where they embarked on their journey together.

Spencer Kyle is wearing a red t-shirt and a hat and Mackenzie Kyle is posing in a purple top.
Life Uncontained’s Spencer and Mackenzie Kyle (Source: Life Uncontained Instagram @lifeuncontained)

Spencer and Mackenzie’s love for each other shines through in the subtle moments they share on camera, and it’s evident that their strong bond plays a significant role in their collaborative building project. Despite not disclosing many intimate details, fans of the channel can’t help but notice the genuine affection between the two, which undoubtedly adds an extra touch of warmth and inspiration to their captivating content.

Net Worth Status

Life Uncontained has achieved an impressive estimated net worth of $1.5 million, similar to Mike Brewer and the primary source of Spencer and Mackenzie’s income is their successful YouTube channel. Their journey of building a house inside a shipping container has attracted a massive following, with their videos averaging around 400,000 views per upload.

Spencer Kyle and Mackenzie Kyle’s hard work and dedication have paid off, as they earn a substantial income from their channel. With ad revenue averaging $0.018 per view, they can make more than $7,000 for each video they release. This income not only supports their ongoing project but also allows them to pursue their dream of creating an extraordinary home while sharing their passion with their dedicated audience.

Spencer And Mackenzie Are Parents

Spencer and Mackenzie’s journey became even more heartwarming and challenging when they became parents to two lovely kids, a daughter named Beau Kyle and a younger son named Cam Kyle. Despite the added responsibilities, the couple continued to work passionately on their house project and maintained their commitment to sharing their progress on their YouTube channel. Their dedication and determination were truly remarkable, as they continued building the house even during her pregnancy.

Spencer Kyle is sitting on the sofa holding Cam Kyle.
Spencer Kyle with his son, Cam Kyle (Source: Life Uncontained YouTube Channel)

Life Uncontained’s strength and resilience were evident as they managed to balance construction work, taking care of a toddler, and posting weekly videos, all while welcoming a newborn baby into their lives. While they are private about their kids, they did share a special video on YouTube called, “ADDING ON… to our family!” giving their viewers a glimpse into their beautiful family life. Their love for each other and their children has played a significant role in motivating them to pursue their dreams and create a wonderful home for their growing family.

Work Before Life Uncontained

Before starting their captivating journey on Life Uncontained, both Spencer Kyle and Mackenzie Kyle had their share of hard work in the hospitality and automotive industries. In their earlier days in Florida (the place where Dave Canterbury has also worked as a net diver), both of them worked as waiters at a restaurant, serving delicious meals to customers with a smile.

Spencer, in addition to his waiting job, also dedicated five years of his life as a skilled mechanic. His expertise in fixing and solving mechanical puzzles was evident during those years. While their jobs might have seemed ordinary, these experiences played a crucial role in shaping their work ethics and determination. Little did they know that their combined skills and passion for building would lead them to the incredible adventure of constructing their dream home from a shipping container.

The Purpose Of Starting Life Uncontained

Spencer and Mackenzie’s inspiring journey of building homes from containers began with a desire to find an affordable and sustainable way of living in a city that had become too expensive for them. The idea of constructing alternative-style houses had been on their minds for a long time, as they believed it could offer them a more economical and worry-free lifestyle.

Spencer and Mackenzie Kyle are carrying the Air conditioner.
Spencer and Mackenzie Kyle working (Source: Life Uncontained Instagram @lifeuncontained)

However, it was Spencer and Mackenzie’s life-changing trip to Alaska that truly ignited their passion for this unique endeavor. During their journey, they had the opportunity to stay in various alternative-style accommodations that left a lasting impact on them. One of the places that caught their attention was a train car transformed into a solar-powered hotel in Washington, as mentioned in an article from Texas View, showcasing the creative potential of repurposing existing structures.

Life Uncontained Couple was also deeply inspired by an Earthship house in Taos, which exemplified the principles of sustainability and self-sufficiency. These experiences fueled their determination to create their fully-equipped, off-grid home, and from that moment on, Spencer and Mackenzie embarked on their remarkable path of transforming shipping containers into cozy, eco-friendly dwellings. Their journey has become a source of motivation for others seeking alternative housing options and a testament to the power of exploring new possibilities.

Accused Of Faking Videos

Spencer Kyle and Mackenzie Kyle, despite their dedication and authenticity, have faced accusations of faking aspects of their videos on Life Uncontained. Some critics claim that the property they showcase in their videos doesn’t belong to them but is owned by Spencer’s family. Additionally, there are allegations that he receives off-camera assistance from his father and grandfather when working on the projects, leading some to question his true level of expertise in homebuilding.

Furthermore, some viewers have raised doubts about the authenticity of certain “mistakes” Spencer makes in the videos, suspecting that these errors are deliberately staged for the sake of gaining more views and engagement. Another point of contention has been the immaculate cleanliness of their house despite having two kids and two dogs.

Some people find it difficult to believe that there are no toys around, and the kitchen feels somewhat empty, as they would expect a family home to be filled with more signs of everyday life. While these accusations have stirred some debate, many loyal fans continue to support the couple, praising their hard work, creativity, and the inspiration they bring to their audience through their remarkable journey of building a shipping container home.

When And How Did The Couple Started Life Uncontained?

Spencer and Mackenzie’s extraordinary story of Life Uncontained began when they made a life-changing decision to pursue their dream of building a unique home from shipping containers. After years of diligently saving money, they took a leap of faith and moved from their hometown in Florida to Texas as mentioned in an article from The Sun.

To fund their ambitious project, Spencer and Mackenzie made significant sacrifices, selling both their cars and homes, and bravely quitting their jobs. With unwavering determination, they headed to Houston and purchased two 40′ shipping containers, which would serve as the foundation for their future home.

It was a thrilling and daring step into the unknown, as Spencer and Mackenzie were about to embark on an adventure that would test their skills, creativity, and resilience. Little did they know that their decision to build a shipping container home would not only change their lives but also inspire countless others seeking unconventional housing solutions. Their journey on Life Uncontained continues to capture the hearts of viewers worldwide, as they turn their dream into reality, one container at a time.


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