Lesley Visser :: Biography

Lesley Visser - Info

Name Lesley Candace Visser
Profession TV Actor
Gender Female
Birthday September 11, 1953
Age 63 Years Old
Star Sign Libra

Lesley Visser - Quick Facts

University Boston College
Nationality American
Marital Status Separated
Husband Dick Stronton
Best Known For The NFL Today
Place Of Birth Massachusetts, US
Hair Color Dark brown

An American sportscaster and television-radio personality by profession, Lesley Visser is a popular name in the sportscasting world. Also, a National Sportscaster and Sportswriters's Hall of Fame inductee, Visser is the first female NFL analyst.

The only sportscaster in the world to work on the Final Tour, NBA Finals, Triple Crown, World Series, the Olympics, Monday Night Football, the Super Bowl, the U.S. Open network broadcasts and World Figure Skating Championships, Visser was voted no. 1 female sportscaster of all time by the American Sportscasters Association.

Lesley Visser is a role model to women throughout the world

Visser was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, United States as Lesley Candace Visser on September 11, 1953, to an engineer and school teacher parents. Grown up with interest in sports while her age mates used to imitate Mary Poppins dressing style during Halloweens, she used to get dressed as Sam Jones, former Boston Celtics guard.

As there existed no female sports writer before her, it was quite difficult for her in the initial days, but her interest never let her step backward as her family equally encouraged her. She graduated from Boston College majoring in English.

Though her major sportscasting career started off when she joined CBS in 1883, she had already entered the sports world a few years earlier, on winning the Carnegie Foundation grant in 1974 and began working at the Boston Globe as a sports writer. Covering college basketball, football, horse racing, golf, the MLB and the NBA, she gave 14 years of her initial career there.

Her on-screen career began when she joined CBS Sports as a part time in 1984 and later went full time in 1987. There she covered NBA and MLB events and also the Olympics and U.S. Open of Tennis. She became the first woman to cover the World Series in 1990 and Super Bowl Trophy presentation in 1992.

After CBS lost television forecasting rights to the NFL Games, she went to ESPN and ABC Sports being the first woman ever as a Super Bowl sideline reporter. While at ABC, she also contributed to Triple Crown, Major League Baseball, ABC’s Wide World of sports and also 1995 World Series, Special Olympics, figure skating and other.
She also worked for ‘SportsCenter’, ‘Monday Night Countdown’ and ‘NFL GameDay’.

She returned back to CBS in August 2000. Currently, she writes a column for CBSSports.com and contributes to The NFL Today and college basketball. Her outstanding contribution and dedication to the profession have earned her numerous honors and accolades.

Plastic surgery helped her maintain ageless looks and treat accident injuries

Lesley suffered a serious jogging accident in the New York’s Central Park in June 1993. She was left with broken hip & skidded face-first across the pavement. She had to visit a surgeon to get herself fit like before. Finally, she returned as fit as ever with surgery in face and hip. She has had an artificial hip replacement.

While plastic surgery has been a trend among on-camera personalities, she has been believed to have undergone nose job to replace her older bigger and wider nose by the present slimmer and face-suiting shape. Plus, ageless beauty seems to have used Botox and various other fillers injection to get rid of wrinkles and frown lines on her face.

Lesley’s 27-years-long wedding ended in divorce but is happy with the second husband

Lesley met her future husband, Dick Stockton, a sportscaster, at the 6th game of 1975 World Series. Lesley and Dick, smitten by each other, soon took their relationship to a romantic level and finally tied the knot in 1983. The two remained together for nearly three decades and finally separated with an official divorce in 2010.

Though sharing a long time of their lifetime together, Dick and Lesley couldn’t be perfect. Nevermind, Visser found her Mr. Perfect in 2011. She married former Harvard basketball captain and businessman Bob Kanuth in July 2011. The couple is living a blissful life together with no apparent chances of divorce.

Currently, in her early sixties, Visser still holds ageless looks. Her personality and success career graph, both makes her a role model to many women throughout the world.

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