Leola Foreman is the daughter of George Foreman, who’s also known as “Big George.” Her dad, George, is an American former professional boxer. He was good at boxing, so good that he became a heavyweight champion of the world not once, but two times! He even won a big shiny gold medal at the Olympics. That means he was the best boxer in the whole wide world at that time.

Leola, who also goes by the name Lee Mariah Rose on her YouTube channel, is an internet entertainer. She makes commentary videos where she talks about all sorts of stuff and shares her thoughts and opinions. It’s kind of like when you chat with your friends about things that interest you, except she does it on the internet, and lots of people watch her videos.

What Is Foreman’s Relationship Status?

It seems like Leola Foreman might be engaged! She shared a picture on her Instagram with a guy, but we don’t know who he is because he’s unidentified. She used the word “fiancé” in the caption, which usually means that someone is going to get married to that person.

Leola Foreman and her fiancé are taking a selfie in a car as he is kissing her forehead.
Leola Foreman and her fiancé (Source: Leola Foreman Instagram @leemariahrose)

But apart from that, we don’t know much more about Leola’s relationship. Maybe she’ll share more about it in the future, and her followers will get to know her fiancé better. It’s always exciting to see happy moments in people’s lives like this!

Previously Dated Controversial Jeffrey Perez

Leola Foreman was previously in a relationship with a person named Jeffrey Perez, who has been involved in some controversial and troubling situations. This Perez guy seems to have caused quite a stir online. He’s been called out for stalking people and saying hurtful things on the internet.

Leola’s former partner once made a really scary threat to kingjeanty1989, also known as Patrick. He talked about going to Patrick’s house and causing harm in front of his girlfriend and kids. That’s not okay behavior, and it’s important to remember that treating others with respect and kindness is the right way to go.

About Leola’s Parents Married Life

Leola Foreman’s parents and their married life. Her dad is the famous George Foreman, and her mom is Mary Foreman. They’ve been married since March 25, 1985, so that’s a long time! She is George’s fifth wife, which might sound like a lot, but sometimes people find love more than once in their lives.

 George and Mary Foreman are smiling in the picture.
Leola Foreman’s parents, George and Mary Foreman (Source: University of Houston Law Center YouTube Channel)

Mary’s full name is Mary Joan Martelly, and it seems like she prefers to keep a low profile and stay out of the public eye. Some folks like to live their lives quietly and enjoy their family without all the attention, and that’s okay. So, even though George is a well-known figure, Leola’s mother chooses to live a more private and peaceful life with her family.

Net Worth Status Of Foreman

Leola Foreman’s net worth is estimated to be around $50,000. She doesn’t talk a lot about her money, but she’s known for her comedy and has appeared as a guest on TV shows and performed stand-up comedy in different places. Even though her YouTube channel (LeeMariahRose) isn’t monetized right now, it might be in the future and her net worth could grow massively from there.

Leola’s father, George Foreman, with a net worth of a whopping $300 million, earned most of his money from his incredible boxing career, even though he’s now retired from the ring. But that’s not all he’s known for! He’s a real business whiz too. You might have heard of his George Foreman Grill. Believe it or not, more than 100 million of these grills have been sold all around the world! And in 1999, he sold the rights to use his name for the grill in commercials for a big $138 million.

Has A Lot Of Siblings

Leola has a pretty big family! Her dad, George Foreman, is the father of 12 kids. Can you believe it? What’s interesting is that all of the former boxer’s biological sons share the same name, and that name is George. So, imagine having five brothers, and they all have the same name as your dad!

Leola’s father, George once explained that her brothers are all named George so they’d always have something special in common, as reported in People. He also said something nice. He told them that if one of them succeeds in life, they should all celebrate together, and if one of them faces tough times, they should stick together and support each other. It’s clear that family means a lot to the Foremans, and having the same name is just one way they show their unity and love for one another.

Leola has quite a few sisters in her big, loving family! Among her siblings, there are six sisters in total: Natalie, Freeda, Michi, Georgetta, Isabella, and Courtney Foreman. It’s wonderful to see that her family also includes two adopted sisters, Isabella (adopted in 2009) and Courtney (adopted in the year Gabby Douglas won the Olympic Gold medal, i.e., in 2012). Natalie is only Leola’s biological sibling.

Leola has a few biological brothers too! In addition to the unique tradition of naming his sons George, her dad has three more biological sons named George. So, that makes Georges IV, V, and VI all part of her family. It’s a reminder of how close and connected they all are as a family, sharing both a name and their love for one another.

Education Background

Leola’s dedication to education is impressive. She attended Texas Southern University for quite a few years, from 2012 to 2018. That’s six years of hard work and learning! Going to university is a big step, and it shows her commitment to gaining knowledge and skills that can help her in her life and career.

Education is a valuable tool, and it’s great to see Leola investing in her future through her university studies at Texas Southern University. It’s a place where many people go to expand their horizons and discover new opportunities, and it’s clear that George Foreman’s daughter took that journey seriously during her time there.

Leola Is A Mother

Leola Foreman is a proud mom to two lovely daughters named Lola and Lilah. However, the identity of their father isn’t clear from the information available. While she keeps many aspects of her family life private, she often shares heartwarming moments with her daughters on her Instagram page. One of their favorite things to do together is something a lot of families enjoy—Carpool Karaoke!

Leola, Lola and Lilah Foreman are all posing for the picture sitting on the stairs.
Leola Foreman’s daughters, Lola and Lilah Foreman (Source: Leola Foreman Instagram @leemariahrose)

It seems like Leola, Lola, and Lilah have a blast singing their hearts out while driving, and the mother captures those fun moments in videos that she shares with her followers. It’s a beautiful way for her to connect with her daughters and create lasting memories together.

Lost Her Sister To Suicide

Leola went through such a difficult and heartbreaking experience. Her sister, Freeda George Foreman, tragically lost her life to suicide at the age of 42 on March 9, 2019, in Houston, Texas. Losing a loved one to suicide is incredibly painful, and it can leave a lasting impact on those left behind.

The cause of Freeda’s death, as per the examined reports, was “asphyxia by hanging.” In other words, she passed away because she couldn’t breathe, which was a result of her hanging herself. It’s incredibly sad to think that someone would be in so much pain that they felt this was the only way out.

Freeda was a boxer as well, but her boxing career was relatively short. She stepped into the ring for only six professional bouts, and she did well, winning five of them. However, after experiencing her first loss in 2001, she decided to retire from boxing with a record of 5 wins and 1 loss. Interestingly, it’s been reported that their father, George, paid her to quit boxing because he wasn’t comfortable with her being a boxer, as mentioned in an article from TMZ.


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