Updated: 12/05/2016 09:29 AM | First Published: 12/05/2016 05:10 AM

Leigh Allyn Baker: Know her Birthday & Career Initiation Facts

Leigh-Allyn Baker Get-up for Child Success Foundation Event

Born on March 13, 1972, Leigh was raised in Murrays of Kentucky, United States. To start off her career in 1994, Baker played the role of Mitzi in Shrunken Heads. In the following year, in 1995, she made an appearance as a waitress in the third part of the sequel Leprechaun.

1996 was an open up of television world for Leigh. She did the role of Gina and Joy Garfield in an episode each of series Almost Perfect and The Last Frontier respectively. After gaining significant experience of acting in both television and feature films, Leigh started to rise as a star since 1997. She did three movies and a role in television series in 1997. It, indeed, was a landmark in her career.

Allyn took her television and Hollywood career side by side until 2004 before doing the small role of her final movie The Crux. Then, she focussed on television side to flourish further. Since then, she has made a lot of appearances in numerous television shows and film series. The series 12 Miles of Bad Road and Bad Hair Day are the most remarkable ones. Likewise, Leigh’s performance as Am Duncan in the 2011 Disney’s original movie Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas was hugely applauded.

Besides, Baker has made a remarkable contribution by doing voice performance in a lot of cartoon series and video games. She is the voice of Laura Hardy in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft and Juliet Jurot of Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force.

Currently, Leigh is doing the voice recording for the characters Queen Delightful and Snazzy Shazam of The 7D.