Updated: 12/02/2016 10:33 AM | First Published: 12/01/2016 10:48 PM

Leigh-Allyn Baker and her husband aren't planning for a third baby

Leigh-Allyn Baker's sons get ready to go to school

The 44 years’ old actress married Keith Kauffman in 2004 after dating him for a few years. As the marriage seemed to be very fruitful for both husband and wife, the Kauffman couple decided to have their first baby in 2009. His name is Griffin Kauffman.

Later in 2012, the couple was rumored to have another baby. While the gossips were not confirmed primarily, the couple appeared in the media with Leigh carrying a bulged-out belly. Baker James Kauffman came into this world on September 18, 2012. He is already four now.

Amid this happy family moment, the media is once again busy with a new buzz about the third child. Well, this time, it seems Leigh and her husband do not have any secret to keep. They, according to the sources, are not having a baby. Leigh isn’t pregnant as testified by her family doctor.

Though it clears out the confusion among the fans, we are not yet satisfied due to the couple’s record from the last pregnancy rumor. What if the couple is waiting to give a surprise again?

It’s worth congratulating the couple for the last two babies. Congratulations to the happy family!