Lea Penick was born in 1989 in Fredericksburg, Texas. She’s a hog hunter and has dabbled in reality TV. She rose to fame through her appearance in the show “American Hoggers.”

Lea grew up in the heart of Texas and developed an early love for hog hunting. “American Hoggers” also allowed her viewers to know how unique it was hunting hogs and the challenges involved.

Family Background

Lea’s family background is generally very private. Not too many details about her parents have been exposed to the public. On the other hand, what we know is that she has an elder brother and sister.

Lea Penick and her brother are doing a photoshoot in a cowboy outfit.
Lea Penick with her brother in high school (Source: Lea Penick Instagram @leapenick)

Lea grew up on a ranch located in Texas and she had some memorable moments with her siblings. The family’s connection to the land runs deep, as the ranch has been a part of their heritage since 1857. Like herself, she hasn’t disclosed much about her family either.

Net Worth Status

Lea Penick has an estimated net worth of $9 million. Her income source comes from her passion for horseback riding and hog hunting. She gained popularity thanks to her participation in “American Hoggers” – a reality show.

Although Penick is quite financially successful, the details of her salary from the reality show have not been made public. Her earnings besides her television career are also closely guarded, with no information provided about her overall earnings.

Relationship Status

Lea Penick is happily married, but she likes to keep secrets about her private life. She has openly shared her love for hog hunting but has closed up on issues related to her relationship and family affairs.

Lea Penick's son is wearing a white clothes as his face is hidden.
Lea Penick and her son celebrating Halloween (Source: Lea Penick Instagram @leapenick)

In 2015, Penick welcomed a son into her life and added another dimension to her happiness. However, she has decided to stay private. She has not disclosed her son’s name or shared any details of her family life.

Does Horseback Riding

In addition to her prowess as a hunter, Lea has a deep love for horseback riding. It’s a passion she cultivated from a young age. During her teenage years, she dived into the thrilling world of rodeo barrel racing, showcasing her agility and skill in equestrian sports.

Lea’s enthusiasm for horseback riding has extended beyond competitions. She has actively participated in horseback racing in Lea County, demonstrating her love for the exhilarating speed and grace of these majestic animals. She also takes on the responsibility of running the ranch and caring for the horses on the farm.

Penick Is A Hunter

Penick has been passionate about hunting since the tender age of six. Beyond just being a skilled hog hunter, she is a licensed gun shooter, showcasing her proficiency with firearms. Her hunting pursuits extend beyond hogs to include deer hunting.

Lea Penick is wearing a camouflage outfit in this selfie.
Lea Penick taking a selfie at Mudding (Source: Lea Penick Instagram @leapenick)

Not only does Lea enjoy the thrill of the hunt, but she also has a creative side. She has expressed her love for art by painting deer skulls for unique and personalized designs. This combination of hunting skills and artistic flair reflects the multifaceted nature of her interests.

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Lea Penick In American Hoggers

Penick gained widespread recognition for her prominent role in the reality show “American Hoggers.” The show revolved around the adventures of the legendary hog hunter Jerry Campbell, along with his son, Robert, and daughter, Krystal. The show captures the family’s efforts as they respond to the threats posed by feral hogs.

Despite the presence of the entire Campbell family, Lea stood out by appearing in most episodes of the series. Her remarkable dedication to hog hunting and her fearless approach made her a central figure in the show, appearing in a total of 23 episodes spanning from 2011 to 2013.

Other Reality Television Appearances

Apart from her notable role in “American Hoggers,” Penick expanded her presence in the realm of reality television. She did this by being part of the “Outdoors Reward” TV show from 2018 to 2019.

Lea Penick is using a tractor to move a rolled bush.
Lea Penick working at a farm (Source: Lea Penick Instagram @leapenick)

In this venture, Lea took on the role of the host alongside Jeremy Morse. The show likely provided a platform for her to showcase her outdoor expertise and share her passion for hunting and other outdoor activities.

Social Media Presence

Penick is known for her adventures in hog hunting and reality TV. She has established a presence on social media platforms such as Instagram (@leapenick) and Twitter (@LeaPenick).

However, Lea’s recent inactivity on these platforms suggests that she might have stepped back from social media. While the reasons for her hiatus remain unknown, it’s not uncommon for public figures to take breaks from the online spotlight to focus on other aspects of their lives.

A Glimpse Into Lea’s Acting Pursuits

Lea Penick ventured beyond the realms of reality television and outdoor adventures. She has tried her hand at acting in the 2015 film “Nail 32.”

In this cinematic endeavor, Penick took on the character of Donna May. Her foray into acting showcased her versatility and willingness to explore different aspects of the entertainment industry.


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