Updated: 05/26/2017 01:53 PM | First Published: 03/14/2017 02:07 PM

Halsey on choosing Lauren Jauregui for Strangers & LGBTQ representation

Lauren Jauregui and Halsey recently joined forces to release a banger love song, Strangers, for Halsey's newest album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. The new single was released on Thursday (May 25) and its audio is already racking up views on YouTube.

The singers, both of whom represent the LGBTQ community, have become two of the most visible faces in pop music in America.

Halsey on LGBTQ representation and choosing Lauren

Lauren Jauregui standing with Halsey, who's looking at the camera

On May 17, 2017, Halsey appeared on the Zach Sang Show where she talked about how important is it for LGTBQ people to have a representation in pop music. She said, "I just love that Lauren and I are two women who have a mainstream pop presence doing a love song for the LGBTQ community." 

She further added, "I was thinking to myself, if I want this song to be believable, it needs to be real, so I’m not going to put a girl on the song to sing who’s straight." And, she certainly chose right!

Lauren is not only known for work with Fifth Harmony. Early this year, the singer made headlines for her vocal support of the LGBTQ and the Muslim community. 

Lauren Jauregui preparing to release Fifth Harmony album

Fifth Harmony members on the red carpet of iHeartRadio awards

Lauren is all set to work on a new album with her group, Fifth Harmony. This will be their third album and the first one since Camila Cabello’s exit in late 2016. 

Lauren recently talked to The Huffington Post about Fifth Harmony’s new direction and touched on the influence they have in spreading acceptance of cultural diversity and body positivity.

“This is the first time that we get to write. It’s a whole new vibe. It’s really cool because we get to say sh*t that we really want to say,” said Lauren about the upcoming album.

She also added, “We’re getting older and we’re exploring our songwriting right now. I think it’s really cool...”

When asked if the present political climate in America will be reflected in Fifth Harmony’s new music, the Back to Me singer said, “I feel like there’s going to be touches of it in our music because it’s the reality of what we’re going through and art is supposed to be reflective of the times. That’s what art is.”