Updated: 12/26/2016 03:47 PM | First Published: 12/25/2016 04:26 PM

Laura Ingraham has not yet felt any necessity of plastic surgery

Laura Ingraham in a red dress

One would expect youthfulness and enthusiasm fading away with time however, Laura Ingraham looks very charming and is actively engaged on her radio show. Blessed with naturally blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes, Laura is a lot more than just a highly applauded political commentator. Since she began her on-camera career, she is always known to maintain an attractive appearance. She possesses body measurements of 32-23-36 inches.

Laura, already in her fifties, is at her most energetic, natural and attractive self, both on-screen and off-screen. Her youthful appearance led people to speculate that she might have undergone plastic surgery or gotten artificial implants. In public’s defense, people in fifties are expected to have wrinkles and fading glow.

She is the kind of person that gives priority to hard work than physical appearance. According to a source, she has declared that she would rather grow old naturally. She would love to embrace every age-provided wrinkle and not color her gray hairs.

Laura seems rather against the forms of artificial beauty, especially plastic surgery to hide any aging signs. However, that is not to say that she does not care enough about her appearance or her attire. In 2014, she was spotted leaving a Washington fitness studio, Solidcore, which is famed for its intense calorie burning exercise routines. It's safe to say that Laura wants to reach her career heights based on natural talents than through artificial appearance on-screen.