Larson Farms is a YouTube channel all about farming. They’ve got more than 382,000 subscribers who love to watch their videos. It’s a family-run channel, and Chet Larson is the one who takes care of their social media. They show you what it’s like to be on a real farm, from planting seeds to harvesting crops.

The farm is a special place in west central Minnesota that’s been around for five generations. They specialize in growing corn and soybeans, which are important crops used in lots of things we eat and use every day. Over the years, the family has worked hard to take care of their land and make sure they grow top-quality crops.

Chet Larson’s Relationship Status

Chet Larson, a farmer who runs the Larson Farms YouTube Channel, has some exciting news in his life! He’s now engaged to a lovely lady named Jean Marie Rae Golden. They decided to take this big step in their relationship in April 2023. It must have been a special moment for them, full of love and happiness.

Chet Larson and Jean Marie Rae Golden are walking in the fields, holding hands and looking at each other.
Chet Larson with his Fiancée, Jean Marie Rae Golden (Source: Jean Golden Instagram @jeanmariegolden)

Larson’s proposal to Jean is a heartwarming story. On a rainy night, the farmer decided it was the perfect moment to pop the big question. He had even worked together with her father to plan this special event. It must have been so romantic with the rain adding a touch of magic to the moment.

It seems like Jean is head over heels for Chet! She’s constantly sharing her love for him on her Instagram, which is a really sweet way to show how much she cares. It’s also interesting to know that she comes from a farming background just like him. Having that shared connection to farming probably makes their relationship even more special.

Net Worth From Farming Life

Larson Farms, a family-owned farming operation, has an estimated net worth of $700,000. They earn their income primarily through two sources: family farming and their YouTube channel. Farming, with its crop production and agricultural activities, plays a crucial role in sustaining their livelihood. Additionally, their YouTube channel allows them to share their farming experiences and generate revenue through ads.

The farming family seems to be quite active on their YouTube channel, sharing approximately 13 videos each month. Their hard work and dedication have paid off, as they attract an average of 180,000 views on these videos. This impressive viewership results in a substantial income, as they earn around $42,000 a month from ad revenue alone.

Income Outside YouTube

Larson Farms is based in West Central Minnesota. They specialize in the cultivation of corn and soybeans, which are staple crops with a wide range of uses. While the specific details of their income are undisclosed, it’s safe to say that farming is their main source of livelihood.

The picture is an aerial view of the Larson Farms which is all covered in snow.
The Larson Farms in West Central Minnesota (Source: Larson Farms YouTube Channel)

Chet not only focuses on farming and its YouTube channel but also offers Larson Farms merchandise to their supporters. This merch includes items like caps, hoodies, and T-shirts which have all helped them to make money. It’s a cool way for their fans to show their support and connect with the farming community.

Some Stats on The YouTube Channel

Larson Farms’ YouTube channel has quite an impressive history. They first joined YouTube on March 25, 2010. Over the years, their hard work has paid off, with their videos collectively amassing over 183 million views. What’s even more remarkable is their strong and supportive community, as they’ve garnered 382,000 subscribers.

Chet Larson’s family YouTube journey has a rich history. Their oldest video, “Larson Farms Ariel View,” was uploaded on February 4, 2019, giving viewers a bird’s-eye view of their farm. Their most popular video, “Celebrating Nicole‘s Life!!,” holds a special place in their channel’s history. This touching tribute to his ex-wife, Nicole, has resonated with viewers, amassing over an incredible 1.6 million views.

Chet through the YouTube channel, provides a unique window into the everyday life of a farming family. They generously share the day-to-day operations and activities that take place on their farm. It’s like an open invitation for viewers to join them in their work, whether it’s planting seeds in the spring, harvesting crops in the fall, or taking care of the stuff all year round.

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Had Lost His Previous Wife To Cancer

Chet Larson has experienced immense loss in his life. His ex-wife, Nicole Larson, passed away on May 27, 2021, after a battle with leukemia. Losing a spouse to cancer is one of the most painful and heartbreaking experiences one can endure.

Nicole Larson taking a selfie with her one hand on her chin.
Chet Larson’s late wife, Nicole Larson (Source: Larson Farms YouTube Channel)

Nicole Larson’s story is truly heartbreaking. Even though she and her loved ones found a chemotherapy drug that was effectively fighting her leukemia, there was an unexpected turn in her battle. The treatment that was helping her also weakened her immune system, making her vulnerable to infections. Tragically, pneumonia, a serious lung infection, took her life. It’s a cruel twist of fate when a treatment that’s supposed to heal can bring new challenges.

About The Family-Owned Larson Farms

Larson Farms is a true testament to the enduring spirit of family farming. Located in the heart of West Central Minnesota, this farm has been passed down through the generations since its humble beginnings in the homestead year of 1918. Being a multi-generational farm means that it’s not just a place where crops are grown and animals are raised; it’s a living legacy of hard work, dedication, and love for the land. Each generation has added its own chapter to the farm’s history.

At Chet Farm, their commitment runs deep when it comes to farming. They specialize in growing corn and soybeans, two crops that play a crucial role in providing food, feed, and various products around the world. But, it’s not just about the crops; it’s about their responsibility to feed the community and contribute to the global food supply. Some of the things have also been kept a secret by the family such as, the acres they farm on has been kept a secret for their own good.

Who Are The Larson Farms Family?

The Larson Farms family is a tight-knit group with deep roots in farming. The farm has been passed down through the generations, starting with Merlyn, who is Chet’s grandpa. He likely laid the foundation for what Larson Farms is today. Alongside him, Doug and Randy are part of the ownership, which demonstrates their commitment to keeping the family farming tradition alive and thriving.

Chet, who is the face behind the Larson Farms YouTube channel, is working hard to follow in their footsteps. He is gradually trying to earn his place in farm ownership, as mentioned on their official website. It’s a story of continuity and adaptation, with each generation contributing their dedication and expertise to the farm’s legacy.

In this farming family, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, and it’s all about teamwork. Randy, who is Doug’s brother and Chet’s uncle, takes on the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) within the farm. He likely manages the financial aspects, ensuring the farm’s finances are in good shape, and plays a key role in its economic well-being.

Doug, affectionately nicknamed Dougo, is Chet’s father and serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). This means he’s in charge of the day-to-day operations on the farm, making sure everything runs smoothly. It’s like a well-orchestrated symphony, where each family member has their own crucial part to play in the success of Larson Farms.


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