Lara Feltham is married to the former Australian tennis player Pat Rafter. She has been a supportive presence throughout his successful career. Pat, a former world No. 1 tennis player, did very well on the court and rightfully got a lot of praise for his skill and fair play.

Lara keeps her life private, avoiding the public exposure. If you check her history, she used to be a model. Her choice to stay quiet shows her desire for a more reserved life.

Married To Pat Rafter

In April 2004, Lara Feltham and Patrick Rafter got married secretly in Fiji. This is where they started their journey together as husband and wife. The couple already did a big thing in their love by getting engaged previously in 2002.

Patrick Rafter is running to hit the ball in the match.
Lara Feltham’s husband, Patrick Rafter (Source: Pinterest)

Feltham and Rafter’s love story started to show in 1998 at Adidas International in White City. Their friendship grew against the backdrop of tennis tournaments, making a powerful connection. Despite the public nature of his career in tennis, the couple has decided to keep their love lives private.

Net Worth Status

We don’t know how much Lara Feltham is worth. Her past work as a model probably helped her make money, but we don’t know the exact details. Instead, her husband Pat Rafter has a net worth of $25 million.

Rafter’s money is mainly because of his success in playing tennis. In his tennis career, he earned $11 million in prize money. This paints a picture of a couple who have achieved financial success through diverse avenues in their respective fields.

The Time Lara And Pat Lost Money

At one point in time, Feltham and Rafter faced a financial challenge. It happened when they decided to sell their beach house in Noosa’s Sunshine Beach. Initially setting their sights on a selling price of $18 million, the process proved to be more challenging than expected.

Patrick Rafter is posing in a white vest showing his chest hair.
Patrick Rafter in a Photoshoot (Source: Pinterest)

Having spent almost two years on the market, Lara and Pat found it necessary to adjust their expectations. Pat, recognizing the evolving real estate market, ultimately settled for a figure several million dollars less than their initial asking price.

Lara Is A Mother

Lara Feltham has embraced the role of motherhood with love and joy. She is blessed with a daughter named India and a son named Joshua. Joshua came into the world in 2002 at the Selangor Private Hospital in Nambour on the Queensland Sunshine Coast. Following that, their family expanded when India was born in 2005 at a hospital in Sydney, Australia, as mentioned in an article from People.

These milestones in Lara’s life reflect not only her journey as a mother. It also shows the shared experiences and joys that come with raising a family. The couple has maintained a private life when it comes to their kids.

The Everyday Life Of Feltham And Her Husband

The daily life of Lara and her husband Pat talked about in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald is amazing. The retired tennis player talked about his perfect day in the interview. For him, it starts with the easy pleasures of waking up and helping his wife to prepare their kids for school.

Patrick Rafter has put a trophy on the top of his head.
Patrick Rafter with his US Open trophy (Source: Pinterest)

Pat drives the kids to school and then engages in sporting activities. It could be a bike ride or a run, using about an hour and a half every day to work out. His daily routine shows the importance of keeping busy and living a healthy life.

After that, Pat spends lunchtime with some friends. Later in the day, he becomes a caring parent by collecting his kids. Then either takes them to sports events or helps with their homework at home.

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The Romantic Life Of Lara Feltham

In Lara Feltham’s romantic life, she and her husband need to keep the love fire going. Pat talks about their relationship by saying it’s important to have a regular “date night” every week. This planned break from their busy lives lets the pair get back together and have fun with each other.

To make these times special, Lara and Pat ask someone to take care of the children. It makes a calm and uninterrupted setting for their evening together. The tasks are easy but loved – a fun dinner then watching a movie. They also sometimes go on weekend trips, adding a bit of surprise and excitement to their love life.

About Pat Rafter

Pat Rafter is the esteemed Australian former world No. 1 tennis player. He achieved a remarkable milestone in 1999 when he rose to the coveted position of being the world’s top-ranked player. This achievement was significant as he became the first Australian to reach such heights since John Newcombe in 1971.

Rafter’s ascent to the pinnacle of tennis showcased his exceptional skill, dedication, and determination on the court. However, persistent shoulder injuries, necessitating surgery, brought his illustrious career to a close at the relatively young age of 29. Despite the premature end to his playing days, he left an indelible mark on the sport, securing 11 singles and 10 doubles titles on the professional tour.


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