Kristin Grannis used to be Jamie Foxx’s girlfriend. Foxx is a famous actor and musician who won an Oscar for his amazing performance as Ray Charles in the movie “Ray.” He’s been in other well-known movies like “Django Unchained,” “Collateral,” and even in the superhero film “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” He is a talented and funny man, and people love watching him on the big screen.

Grannis was born on the 4th of January in 1977, which makes her a Capricorn according to astrology. Capricorns are known to be hardworking and practical people. People born under this sign are often determined and ambitious, striving to achieve their goals in life. She has maintained a low-profile life today.

Grannis’ Relationship With Foxx

Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx managed to keep their relationship a secret for quite some time. They didn’t let the public know about their romance, and it was only in 2017 that people found out about their affair. It’s interesting how they were able to keep their love story away from the limelight for so long.

Jamie Foxx is taking a selfie in a car.
Kristin Grannis’ ex-partner, Jamie Foxx (Source: Jamie Foxx Instagram @iamjamiefoxx)

Sometimes, celebrities prefer to keep their personal lives private, away from the prying eyes of the media and fans. When Grannis and Foxx’s relationship finally became public, it might have been surprising for many, considering how well they had hidden it. They quietly went their separate ways without causing any public fuss or drama. Unlike some celebrity breakups that make headlines, their split happened without much fanfare.

Once Planned To Marry

Kristin and Jamie once had dreams of getting married, and their plans were known to their close ones, including her father, Richard. Back in 2017, she shared with the world that his daughter and the Oscar-winning actor had intentions of tying the knot.

While the details of their marriage plans were kept private, it was clear that Grannis and Foxx’s love and commitment were strong enough to consider a future together. Sometimes, life takes unexpected turns, and plans can change. Despite not walking down the aisle, the connection they shared during that time likely left a lasting impact on both of their lives, teaching them valuable lessons.

Shares A Child With The Actor

Grannis and Foxx are parents to a lovely daughter named Annalise Bishop, who was born on October 3, 2008. Despite any changes in their relationship, they both share the responsibility of raising their child together. It’s heartwarming to think about the bond between them as parents, focusing on the well-being and happiness of their daughter. Being a parent is a significant part of their lives, and seeing their child grow and flourish must bring them immense joy.

Annalise Bishop is wearing a black dress whereas, Corinne Foxx is wearing a white dress.
Annalise Bishop (right) with her sister, Corinne Foxx (Source: Entertainment Tonight YouTube Channel)

Annalise is a vibrant young soul with diverse interests. She has a passion for basketball, finding joy in the game and the camaraderie it brings. But her talents don’t stop there; She is also musically inclined. She has taken up the piano and the guitar, showcasing her musical skills and creativity.

Works As A Therapist

Kristin is a compassionate soul who dedicates her days to helping others as a therapist. She holds a license as a Marriage and Family Therapist and operates in the serene community of Agoura Hills, California. In her practice, she supports patients dealing with the heavy burden of depression, the gnawing grip of anxiety, and the complexities of relationship issues.

What sets her apart is her diverse skill set. Grannis is well-versed in various therapeutic methods, including attachment-based therapy, brain spotting, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), compassion-focused therapy, and culturally sensitive approaches. This extensive knowledge allows her to tailor her treatments to meet the unique needs of her patients.

Did Katie Holmes Ruined Grannis’s Relationship With Foxx?

It’s natural to wonder how other relationships might affect the ones we care about. In the case of Grannis and Foxx, some rumors suggest that the actor’s previous long-term relationship with Suri Cruise’s mother, Katie Holmes might have played a role in their relationship. Both of them were together for six years, starting in 2014.

Katie Holmes is posing by sitting down folding her legs.
Katie Holmes in a Photoshoot (Source: Katie Holmes Instagram @katieholmes)

During that time, it’s said that Jamie dedicated a lot of his time to Katie, and this might have created distance between him and Grannis. However, we have to say, take this information with a pinch of salt. While we can’t be sure about the exact reasons for their breakup, it’s a reminder of how complex human emotions and connections can be, often influenced by various factors.

After Jamie’s relationship with Holmes ended, he and Grannis did spend time together again, as reported in an article from Closer. It’s not entirely clear whether they reunited as friends or if they were trying to give their romance another chance. Relationships can be puzzling, and sometimes people come back into each other’s lives for various reasons. Despite spending time together again, it seems that Jamie and Kristin ultimately didn’t rekindle their romance permanently. Today, they have moved on in their separate ways.

Net Worth Status Of Jamie Foxx’s Ex-Partner

Kristin Grannis is estimated to have a net worth of around $3 million. It has come mainly from her profession as a therapist, which has been a significant source of her income. She has kept a low profile regarding her wealth, and not much is known about her financial details. Interestingly, her former boyfriend Jamie Foxx purchased a mini-mansion in Agoura Hills, California, where she currently resides.

Despite this, the specifics of Grannis’s wealth and how she manages her finances have largely remained private. Some people prefer to keep their financial matters away from the public eye, focusing on their work and personal life rather than their bank accounts. Privacy can be valuable, especially in a world where personal information is often subject to scrutiny.

Who Is Kristin’s Famous Ex, Jamie Foxx?

Jamie Foxx, whose real name is Eric Marlon Bishop, is a talented individual known for his skills in acting, comedy, and singing. He gained widespread recognition and even won an Academy Award for his remarkable portrayal of Ray Charles in the movie “Ray.” Besides this award-winning role, he has showcased his talent in various other popular films like “Django Unchained,” “Dreamgirls,” “Collateral,” and the superhero blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home,” playing Electro.

Foxx’s journey in the entertainment world started with laughter. Even as a second grader, he possessed a natural talent for cracking jokes. His teacher recognized his ability and used him as a unique incentive for the class – if they behaved, they’d get to enjoy his jokes, as mentioned on his IMDb page. This early experience planted the seeds of his career in comedy.

When Foxx began his stand-up comedy career, he made a clever move by adopting the name Foxx, inspired by his favorite comic, Redd Foxx. He also chose the name Jamie, a unisex name, allowing him a chance to stand out in the male-dominated comedy scene. Jamie’s name, with its ambiguous gender association, sometimes resulted in him being bumped up the list of performers, as the order in which performers appeared in comedy clubs often favored female comedians performing before males.

An Educated Woman

Kristin Grannis is a woman of knowledge and determination. She pursued her education with passion, earning her Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University before furthering her studies at Antioch University in California. In 2012, she proudly graduated with a Master’s degree in Arts, marking a significant achievement in her academic journey.

Grannis’s dedication to her education reflects her commitment to personal growth and learning. It’s inspiring to see someone so motivated and accomplished, embodying the spirit of continuous learning and the pursuit of one’s dreams. Through her educational achievements, the actress demonstrates the power of hard work and perseverance, setting an example for others to follow in their educational pursuits.


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