Kirby Howell-Baptiste is a British actress, comedian, and writer. Actress Kirby has played excellent performances in the series Downward Dog, Killing Eve, and Why Women Kill. The actress gained fame playing a role in The Good Place comedy series. In 2019 and 2021, Baptiste was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Nowadays, Baptiste is playing a role as an actress Sasha Baxter in the Home Box Office comedy-drama series. Kirby is also a supporting actress in the TV series. Baptiste is a talented actress who plays several roles in TV series. One of her biggest moments was when she landed a part in the 2021’s hit Cruella Disney movie. Keep reading to learn more about the English actress Kirby.

Early Life and Family

Kirby Howell-Bastiste was born in London, England, on February 7, 1987. The comedian lives her life far away from the spotlight. Thus, she does not like to share info regarding her family. Therefore, She kept her family far away from the spotlight.

This picture illustrates that Kirby Howell-Baptiste captured this picture when she was smiling.
Kirby Howell-Baptiste captured this picture when she was smiling.
Source; Pinterest

Kirby grew up in London, England, but moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue her Further acting career. The British actress Baptiste graduated from Lee Strasberg Theatre and film institute. However, she didn’t share details about her previous school.

Baptiste frequently tweets about her mother on mothers day and gives gifts in words. Also, she wishes guys on father’s day, hinting she has an issue with her father. It is safe to say that Baptiste’s family was financially stable. Thus, she grew up and studied in London.

Best Selling Book by the actress Kirby Howell-Baptiste

Kirby Baptiste-Howell does love to write books since her childhood. She has written a motivational and educational book named Little Black Girl. The book was illustrated by Paul Davey and published on November 15, 2022.

The picture was taken when Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Larry Fields published their book.
The picture was taken when Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Larry Fields published their book.
Source; Instagram

Baptiste wrote the book with actor Larry Fieolds. Larry wrote about a boy. Similarly, Kirby also wrote a book representing the story of a girl. This book reflects on the real life of Richard Wright’s life. Also, the book explains the story of Wright and how a black person suffered from discrimination and violence.

Both inspirational books are mainly written for children between 4-8 years. The main motive of the book is to give inspiration to children. The length of these books is 32 pages, and the language is English. Bea Alonzo is also a British actress like Baptiste Alonzo is also famous.

Relationship of Kirby Howell-Baptiste

Kirby Howell-Baptiste probably has dated ex-boyfriends in the past though she is single now. However, she kept it hidden from the public zone. Baptiste is still single and not married. She prefers to write books rather than give attention to guys. Sometimes, Baptiste tweets suspicious statuses on the tweeter account.

Kirby Howell-Baptiste and a collage of her onscreen romance with William Jackson Harper on The Good Place.
Kirby Howell-Baptiste and a collage of her onscreen romance with William Jackson Harper on The Good Place.
Source: Instagram

Baptiste stays under wraps when things come about in her personal life. Some sites claim that Baptiste was in love. However, there are no substantial proofs to assume her. Although Kriby is close to actor Larry Fieolds, they might be in a platonic relationship and posting photos.

Despite hiding connection details from the media, Baptiste shared a picture while kissing actor William Jackson Harper. Although the actor dated many an onscreen girlfriend, in real life, William is in a relationship with Ali Ahn.

Kirby Hollwen-Bapiste: Net worth

Kirby Hollwen-Bapiste is one of the Richest actresses who appear in plenty of roles and holds approximately $5 million net worth. Baptiste has played a Supporting Actress in five movies. Moreover, her films have earned hundreds of millions from International and Domestic Box Offices.

Kirby Howell-Baptiste was captured in the frame. while carrying a Cat, And eating pizza in a restaurant.
Kirby Howell-Baptiste was captured in the frame while carrying a Cat and eating pizza.
Source: Instagram

Kirby’s book Little Black Boy is getting good value in the market. Moreover, the total cost of the Little Black Girl book is around $47.75. On the other hand, his partner’s book, The Little Black Boy, is getting a slightly higher price at $52.22.

The actress has a house in England, London, where the average house cost is around  £543,099 ($65,3619). She lives in Los, Angelas California, paying the cost of living for a single person is around $13,716 per year.

How did Kirby Howell-Baptiste start her career?

Kirby Howell Baptiste’s first move toward the acting journey started with the Holby City TV series. Where she played her character Keisha James. However, Baptiste rapidly became popular after playing The Good Place and Comedy Bang! Bang!.

Baptiste was smiling as the actress posed for the picture.
Baptiste smiled as the actress posed in her character from The Sandman series.
Source: Instagram

Kirby Howell-Baptiste is known for Jenn. Baptiste has made a debut in Film and also in TV Shows. Firstly, she successfully created her first appearance in Prepping Keisha film, published in 2011. The actress made her second debut in 2017, playing Jenn’s character in the TV Show Downward Dog.

As mentioned above, Baptiste mostly plays the role of a comedian. The comedian actress is now waiting for her upcoming series, Sugar, Calprits, and Digman. Among these series, Digman is educational series. It relates to the world and shows archaeologists are massive celebrities and the calmest people on the planet. Like Gwendoline Christie, Kirby appeared in the hit 2022 series The Sandman.