Kingston James Penavega is a special little boy who belongs to a famous family. His mom and dad, Alexa Penavega and Carlos Penavega, are both actors. You might recognize Alexa from her role as Carmen Cortez in the “Spy Kids” movies, where she played a brave and smart character. On the other hand, Carlos is known for bringing Carlos Garcia to life in the “Big Time Rush” TV series. He is lucky to have such talented parents, and who knows, maybe he’ll follow in their footsteps one day!

Kingston was born on June 30, 2019, making him a little over three years old now. He’s the middle child in his family, having an older brother named Rio PenaVega and a younger sibling named Ocean PenaVega. Being the second child means he has someone to look up to and someone to take care of. With his siblings around, there’s always someone to play with and share adventures.

Love Story Of Kingston Parents

Carlos and Alexa Penavega’s love story is a sweet tale that began long before they exchanged their vows on January 4, 2014, in the beautiful setting of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Their journey to marriage was marked by a heartfelt engagement in September 2013, a moment filled with love and excitement for their future together. When they got married, they decided to combine their last names, creating the unique and meaningful surname, Penavega.

Alexa PenaVega is carrying Carlos PenaVega from the back.
Kingston James PenaVega parent’s Carlos and Alexa PenaVega (Source: Alexa PenaVega Instagram @vegaalexa)

Kingston James Penavega’s parent’s love story started in a way that many wouldn’t expect – at a simple Bible study in Los Angeles. Interestingly, when they first met, Alexa wasn’t searching for a romantic relationship; she just wanted to make friends. She had a clear idea in her mind, a ‘no list’, and anyone from the entertainment industry, including actors and singers, was on it. Ironically, Carlos happened to fit every point on that list. Life, however, had different plans for them and despite her initial reservations, they ended up falling for each other.

Net Worth Status

As of now, Kingston James Penavega is just a kid, so we won’t delve into his net worth. However, let’s talk about his parents’ financial status. Carlos Penavega, his dad, has a net worth of $8 million. He earned this money through his acting career, and one of his most famous works is the “Big Time Rush” TV series, where he captured the hearts of many viewers.

Alexa Penavega, Kingston’s mom, has made quite a name for herself in the acting world. Her estimated net worth is around $5 million, earned through her acting career. One of her most notable roles was in the “Spy Kids” movies, where she played the fearless Carmen Cortez. Despite her success, specific details about her salary remain undisclosed, reminding us that the entertainment industry often keeps financial matters private.

Kingston Is A Middle Child

Kingston is right in the middle of the Penavega siblings, with an older brother named Ocean Penavega, born on December 7, 2016, and a younger sister named Rio Penavega, born on May 7, 2021. He’s got a big brother to look up to and a little sister who surely looks up to him. What’s heartwarming is how much his parents, Carlos and Alexa, adore their kids.

Kingston,  Ocean and Rio PenaVega are standing by the door hugging each other.
Kingston James PenaVega with his siblings, Ocean and Rio PenaVega (Source: Alexa PenaVega Instagram @vegaalexa)

Alexa shared her feelings openly about expecting another boy, expressing relief that their second child would also be a little boy instead of a girl. Despite the common hope for a girl, she and Carlos were thrilled to have another boy. Their older son, Ocean, is a lively and spirited little one who loves to play rough and tumble. Having another boy in the family meant that he would have a companion to wrestle with and share all his adventures. When they discovered that they were expecting another son, it brought them a sense of relief.

Carlos and Alexa love sharing glimpses of their family life on social media, giving their fans a peek into the joy and laughter that fill their home. Constantly posting about their three little ones, it’s clear that this family is full of love and happiness, making sure each moment, no matter how small, is cherished and celebrated.

How Did Kingston Get His Name?

Choosing a name for a child is a special task, and Kingston James Penavega’s name holds a unique story. The name “Kingston” means “king’s field” in English, reflecting strength and regality. As for his middle name, “James,” it was given in honor of the talented actor and singer, James Maslow, as mentioned in an article from Alexa Penavega Fandom.

It’s a lovely way for Kingston’s parents, Carlos and Alexa, to pay tribute to someone they admire. Names are like a gift, something that stays with a person forever, and in his case, his name carries meanings that symbolize nobility and respect for others, making it a perfect fit for their precious little one.

The story behind how Kingston got his name is surprisingly down-to-earth. His parents, Carlos and Alexa, found inspiration in a very ordinary place: Target. As they were casually shopping, strolling through the aisles, they stumbled upon the perfect name in the most unexpected spot – the underwear section! Sometimes, life’s most meaningful moments come to us amid our everyday routines.

Has A Children’s Book After Him

Kingston James Penavega’s story has taken a beautiful turn, inspiring his parents, Carlos and Alexa, to create something special in his honor. They’ve written a children’s book called “Ocean’s World: An Island Tale of Discovery and Adventure,” which is not just a story but a magical journey based on Kingston and his brother Ocean. In this enchanting tale, the brothers embark on an adventure exploring the ocean, encountering wildlife, and discovering fascinating marine facts.

The cover has two cartoon kids scuba diving.
The cover of Ocean’s World: An Island Tale of Discovery and Adventure (Source: TODAY YouTube Channel)

“Ocean’s World” isn’t just a book; it’s a heartwarming tribute to the curiosity and imagination of Carlos and Alexa’s children. Through the adventures in the book, young readers get to dive into a world of wonder and excitement, experiencing the joy of exploration just like Kingston and Ocean.

The Tragic Accident Involving Kingston

The Penavega family faced a heartbreaking incident involving little Kingston. One day, while his mother, Alexa was getting the kids ready for bed, a terrible accident occurred. His fingers got caught in the hinge of the bathroom door, causing him to lose the tip of his middle finger, as mentioned in an article from US Weekly. It was an incredibly painful and traumatic experience for everyone involved, something no family ever wants to go through.

Things got worse when doctors revealed they were unable to reattach Kingston’s severed finger. It was undoubtedly a heartbreaking moment for everyone. The complexities of injuries made it challenging to restore things to how they were before.

The guilt and shame that the parents, especially his mom, Alexa felt must have been overwhelming. However, despite the initial shock and pain, Kingston is showing incredible resilience. He’s a strong little trooper, and even though it was a difficult journey, he’s doing well today. It’s a testament to his bravery and the support and love he has from his family as he heals from this unfortunate accident.

Loves Big Time Rush

It seems like the love for entertainment runs in the Penavega family! Kingston, along with his siblings Ocean and Rio, shares a special fondness for the TV series “Big Time Rush.” Their dad, Carlos, played the lovable character Carlos Garcia in the show, making it even more exciting for them.

And guess what? Kingston’s mom, Alexa, also made appearances in two episodes, adding a delightful family touch to the show. It must be such a thrill for the kids to see their parents on TV, making the series even more meaningful for the whole family. It just goes to show how the love for a TV show can become a shared experience, creating cherished family moments along the way.


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