Kimberlea Cloughley used to be married to the Oscar-winning actor, Tommy Lee Jones. He has been in a lot of popular movies, such as “Men In Black,” “The Fugitive,” and “No Country For Old Men.” People all over the world know him for his amazing performances in these films.

Kimberlea, who was born in 1958, spends her days working as a photographer, capturing beautiful moments through her camera lens. She goes by the full name Kimberlea Gayle Cloughley. Despite her ex-husband’s fame, she prefers to lead a quiet and simple life. Instead of being in the spotlight, she finds joy in the serene moments, perhaps behind the camera, where she can express herself through her art.

Used To Be Married To Tommy Lee Jones

Kimberlea Cloughley was once married to Tommy Lee Jones, and their marriage lasted for quite a while, from May 30, 1981, to March 23, 1996. During those years, they must have shared lots of memories and experiences. It’s amazing how life can bring two people together for a time, and then they may go on different paths. Even though their marriage ended, it’s a reminder that people can change and grow, and their lives continue in different ways, each with their own story to tell.

Tommy Lee Jones is wearing a black tuxedo with an Oscar on his hand.
Tommy Lee Jones at the Oscars (Source: Oscars YouTube Channel)

Cloughley and Jones’ love story began on the sets of the 1981 film “Back Roads.” Imagine the magic of movies bringing two people together! It must have been a special moment when their paths crossed, both working on a project that would later become the starting point of their relationship.

Net Worth Of Cloughley

Kimberlea Cloughley’s financial status is estimated to be around $2 million, (the money Jocelyn Wildenstein spent on her cosmetic surgeries) mostly coming from her work as a photographer. Photography must be a true passion for her, and it’s wonderful that she can earn a living doing what she loves. However, details about her other sources of income or her exact salary are not widely known.

It’s a bit of a mystery whether Cloughley’s still actively working or has chosen to retire, enjoying a well-deserved break. Some people prefer to keep their financial matters private, focusing more on their craft and personal life rather than the numbers. Whatever the case, Tommy Lee Jones’ ex-wife’s journey, both professionally and personally, is a testament to the different paths life can take.

Shares Two Kids With Her Ex-Husband

Kimberlea Cloughley and her ex-husband, Jones are parents to two wonderful kids, a son named Austin Leonard Jones and a daughter named Victoria Jones. Being a parent is one of life’s greatest joys, and it must bring her a lot of happiness to see her children grow and thrive. Family is incredibly important, and having a loving, supportive home is such a gift for these kids.

Austin, born on November 9, 1982, in the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand, has found his passion in the world of music. He works as a talented music composer, using his creative skills to bring melodies to life. His notable achievements include composing music for movies like “Frontera” and “Metamorphosis: Junior Year.” Through his music, he adds emotion and depth to these films, making the stories even more captivating.

Austin Leonard Jones is singing playing the guitar.
Kimberlea Cloughley’s son, Austin Leonard Jones (Source: GrassRoots Community Network YouTube Channel)

Victoria Jones, born on September 3, 1991, in the lively city of San Antonio, Texas, has explored the world of acting. She shared the spotlight with her dad in the blockbuster movie “Men in Black II,” where she portrayed the Neuralyzed daughter, adding a touch of charm to the film. Additionally, she also worked with her father in “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada,” playing the role of an immigrant girl, demonstrating her versatility as an actress.

Victoria’s journey in the entertainment industry also led her to a cheerleader role in an episode of “One Tree Hill,” and she made her mark in the film “Sorry, Haters.” It’s unclear if she has bid goodbye to this phase of her life, as the last time we saw her on the big screen was in 2005.

Cloughley’s Parental Background Is One To Read

Phil Duane Hardberger

Cloughley’s family background is indeed fascinating to learn about. Her father, Phil Duane Hardberger, was not just an ordinary man; he was an American politician and lawyer who held a significant role in the city of San Antonio. He served as the mayor, taking office in June 2005. Being a mayor is a big responsibility. He is in charge of making important decisions for the city and its people. It’s quite inspiring to think about how she grew up in a family where public service and leadership were valued.

Phil also served his country with great dedication. He was a captain in the United States Air Force, flying the powerful B-47 bomber, showing his bravery and skill in the skies. Later, he became the executive secretary of the Peace Corps during the time of President John F. Kennedy, a role that involved a lot of responsibility in promoting peace and understanding between nations.

Hardberger’s service didn’t stop there. He was a special assistant to the director of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity under President Lyndon B. Johnson. This shows how deeply he cared about the well-being of his fellow Americans, working to create opportunities and improve lives.

Linda Morgan/Hardberger

Kimberlea Cloughley’s mother, Linda Hardberger is a living testament to the incredible strength of the human spirit. She is often referred to as the “Andrea Doria’s Miracle Girl” because in the year Wilma Rudolph won the medal at the Olympics, i.e., in 1956, she survived the tragic sinking of the SS Andrea Doria. Her experience undoubtedly shaped her life in profound ways.

Linda’s survival story is nothing short of miraculous. Just 14 years old at the time, she experienced a true life-and-death situation during the sinking of the Andrea Doria. The fact that she was scooped out of her bed by the ship that had collided with Andrea Doria is both terrifying and astonishing. It’s like something out of a movie, only it was real life.

What makes Cloughley’s mother’s story even more mysterious is the sudden disappearance of her rescuer from Stockholm after visiting her in the hospital. It’s almost as if he appeared out of nowhere, saved her life, and then vanished, leaving behind a sense of wonder and intrigue. Her experience must have been incredibly overwhelming, and her survival against all odds is a testament to her strength and resilience.

The sinking of the Andrea Doria is a heartbreaking chapter in maritime history. It happened on a fateful night, July 25-26, 1956, when the Italian passenger liner collided with the Stockholm near Nantucket in the vast Atlantic Ocean. This tragic event claimed the lives of 51 people from the ship, leaving behind a trail of sorrow and loss. The reasons behind this devastating accident were complex, involving a combination of factors like dense fog, high speeds despite poor visibility, and the incorrect use of radar technology, as reported in an article from Britannica.

A Bit About Kimberlea’s Ex-Husband, Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones is a legendary actor whose talent has left a lasting impact on Hollywood. He achieved the pinnacle of recognition by winning an Oscar for his outstanding performance in “The Fugitive.” What’s even more impressive is that he received three other Oscar nominations, showcasing his consistent brilliance in acting. Besides he’s been part of some iconic movies and TV shows like “No Country For Old Men,” “Lincoln,” and the “Men in Black” series.

Jones’ fame stretches far beyond Hollywood. He’s become a beloved figure even in Japan. His popularity there might be due to his appearances in Japanese commercials and other media. It’s incredible how an actor from a different country can capture the hearts of people in a completely different culture.

It’s interesting to hear that even though Tommy is a talented actor, some people find him challenging to work with. Like all of us, he has his quirks and preferences, which can sometimes clash with others in the high-pressure world of movies. There was a bit of drama during the filming of “Batman Forever,” where he reportedly had differences with co-star Jim Carrey, as reported in Texas Monthly. It’s a reminder that even in the glamorous world of Hollywood, people are just people, with their unique personalities and ways of doing things.


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