Kim Sears Net Worth & Salary

By Mandy Price


Kim Sears is famously known as the girlfriend of the renowned British tennis player Andy Murray. She was born in the year 1987 and celebrates her birthday on 10th of December every year. She is also known for her blog and is a pet portraitist. She works as an artist capturing her favorite animals in canvas. She absolutely loves animals and is passionate about it and works to produce a painting that can capture the emotive relationship pets have with their owners. She is a native of was born and raised there. Her parents are Lenore and Nigel Sears. Her father Nigel, is a former player and now serves as a coach. She played tennis at a young age but did not pursue it as a career. She attended the Burgess Hill School. Then she enrolled at in Brighton and has a degree in English literature and is fond of painting. Besides that, there is not much information about her childhood and early life. She has been in a courtship with the famous tennis player Andy Murray since 2006. She met him at the U.S. Open in 2005. They clicked instantly and publicly accepted their relationship in 2006. They have been together ever since and found a way back into love despite their breakup in 2009.

Being a private person, there is not much known about Kim before she got into the limelight for dating Andy Murray. Not much personal detail is available about her. Kim doesn’t really have a job and her work as an artist is limited to a hobby only. Since she does not work, she receives no salary. But that hasn’t kept her from living a high life she is now accustomed to. Her boyfriend, Andy, provides well for her. Her net worth is yet to be revealed by any of the major sources. But judging from the life style she has, the amount must sum up pretty high.