Is Kim Matula dating Scott Eastwood? Does she have any plans regarding marriage?

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Kim Matula, a renowned actress of CBS’s popular soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, is rumored to be dating dashing actor Scott Eastwood. Her fans are curious to know if the actress is planning to get married with her alleged boyfriend. 


Kim worked with her rumored boyfriend Scott Eastwood in the movie Dawn Patrol. According to the gossip media, the two began dating each other from that point. 

Since the news about Kim Matula's realtionship with Scott Eastwood surfaced in the media when they were working for the movie, and that none of them has confirmed the news, it seems like they share ntothing more than on-screen romance. Also, since the news has not been published by any authenticated sites, there is a very little chance for it to be true.

Prior to getting linked with Scott Eastwood, she has also been rumored to have shared love relation with Ben Goldberg. This rumor also vanished from the media soon as it lacked authentication. 

27 years old Kim Matula is an extremely talented actress who is popular in the entertainment world for showing remarkable performance as Hope Logan in CBS’s TV soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. She received a high level of fame and was critically appraised for her outstanding portrayal.

Besides, she is also popular for delivering a brilliant performance in TV series like The Defenders, Almost, and Royal.  She was recently seen in critically acclaimed comedy drama series Unreal.

Matula was always interested in pursuing a career in acting since her childhood days. To realize her dreams, she has worked very hard and has even studied acting from the University of Texas.

Although Kim Matula has appeared as love interests of different actors on screen, she has never been encountered dating anyone in real life. Recently, the rumors about her relationship with actor Scott Eastwood spread in the media but due to the lack of authenticating information, the news has been perceived as a fake one like other rumors.

Well, it looks like they aren't dating after all. But who knows, they might consider it in the future so keep following Kim Matula on Twitter @TheKimMatula for any update.

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