Updated: 04/28/2017 05:21 PM | First Published: 04/27/2017 02:03 PM

Hollyoaks' Ste Hay, Kieron Richardson is gay in real. Now expecting twins with Carl Hyland

Kieron Richardson's happy moment with partner Carl Hyland

Kieron Richardson who is mostly recognized for his character Ste Hay in Hollyoaks is an English actor and presenter. He has also presented online shows Christmas Land Halloween live on Channel 4. Hollyoaks is ongoing and has many mysteries that has fans seated near their TV, every day.

The actor, who came revealed his sexual orientation in 2010 is now expecting twins with his partner. 

Kieron Richardson's twins are due this year

Kieron Richardson and Clay Hyland who shared their wedding vows on December 2015 are now expecting twins. The couple had 4 failed attempts at IVF with the same surrogate mother but now expect twin boy and girl.


Kieron Richardson happy about having twins with partner Carl Hyland

The Hollyoaks star disclosed “We wanted to wait to see whether we needed to buy pink or blue, but now we know we can buy both colors, as we’re having our very own Prince and Princess.”


The babies are due this year. Kieron further said that he is going to present a documentary about LGBTQIA to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act that decriminalizes sex between men over 21. The would-be fathers haven't mentioned the date yet.

Kieron came out as gay in The Morning

Kieron Richardson came out of the closet in an interview with The Morning on September 16th, 2010. The actor who also plays a homosexual character Ste Hay, said most of family and friends knew about his sexual preference but came out as gay for the first time in front of public.

Speculations of him being gay were already in the limelight when he was one of the contestants on Dancing On Ice. “When I was on Dancing On Ice, newspapers speculated and tried to say we kind of know, and if you want to say so, you can do your story with us and get it out there” the actor continued.

Kieron Richardson's night out with husband Carl Hyland after wedding

Kieron further mentioned “At that point, my personal life took a back step and it was more about the competition and trying to get through the next week rather than get a few column inches in the newspaper and maybe raise my profile at the time. But it wasn't about that.”

He shared more about his life, as he opened up about his life as a teenager who was constantly teased but not bullied during his school days. Kieron said that some of his ex-girlfriends were happy for him after acknowledging he was gay. And those who didn’t know will find out now, he continued.

Richardson expressed that he felt like being on "Top of the World" after coming out as gay. He later wrote on his Twitter “Big thanks to everyone at this morning. Thanks for all your messages glad u support me. I was worried but can now breathe.” His colleagues and fellow actors shared their excitement by showing their love through social media.

All in all, Kieron has spent life his way, and we wish him the best for his future.

Kieron Richardson on The Morning as he pranks hosts and audiences!

As Kieron Richardson plays a domestic violence victim, drug dealer, and abuser, he is the prime suspect in the murder of TV ex-girlfriend Amy Barnes.


Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson on 'The Morning' show

In an interview aired on The Morning last month, the actor was asked to give hints as to who was the murderer. Kieron went on to disclose information that indicated his character is responsible for the murder. He looked mortified as he feared for his job. He had slipped out a major climax on the talk show which was live.

But it was later found that the actor was merely showcasing his acting skills, as soap guru, Sharon Marshall revealed that Kieron had actually lied to the viewers to put them off the real killer. Of course, Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were stunned by the news and could do nothing but admire the actor’s skills.

“What I'm going to do is slip up and pretend I've revealed who the killer is, when in actual fact I'm in on it all along. I'm just winding everybody up because everyone thinks they've figured it out. I feel like I'm on some secret mission! It's going to be really good, really scary. I'm going to test my acting skills today!” Kieron filmed a behind the scenes video where he planned on pranking the hosts. It has been revealed that seven different endings have been filmed to keep the real ending a secret.