Kennya Baldwin and husband Stephen Baldwin married for decades, still going strong.

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Kennya Baldwin, a Brazilian graphic designer, is married to Stephen Baldwin for more than a decade now. However, there have been divorce rumors. Her husband is a charismatic actor, usually claimed “a glitter-eyed alpha male”.

Kennya Baldwin and husband Stephen Baldwin share an abiding love and terrific loyalty

Kennya first met Stephen in 1987. At that time, Stephen was heavily addicted to alcohol and drugs and almost blew up his career. If Kennya had not been by his side during those d-days, we would not have seen the picture perfect couple be incredibly committed and loyal to each other. Stephen has three tattoos for his woman.

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The couple got married in 1990. The Baldwin family currently resides in New York.

Kennya Baldwin and husband Stephen Baldwin share an unfaltering faith in Jesus

Both Kennya and husband Stephen are born-again Christians. In fact, Kennya was “instrumental” in reviving Stephen’s faith in Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Kennya was first influenced by her housekeeper Augusta into the conservative Christian faith. Stephen revealed that the Brazilian housekeeper Augusta took the job at the Baldwin house because it was prophesied that couple would be believers.

The celebrity couple eventually joined the Brazilian ministry, more specifically after the Twin Towers attack in 9/11.

Kennya studies her Bible for at least 45 minutes while Stephen meditates for two long hours. Stephen, the Big Brother celebrity, claimed during the show that the Holy Spirit was allowing him “to see certain things”.

Kennya and Stephen Baldwin’s conservative faith have further strengthened their bond and their family priorities

The couple agrees decisively on the way they treat non-believers. For instance, Kennya’s father, who divorced her mother and is involved with a young girlfriend, is not allowed inside the Baldwin household. Not until Kennya’s father marries his girlfriend. In Stephen’s words “It would be OK if they were married, but until that happens, until he is acting in a way we feel acceptable according to our faith, then no.”

Also, when it comes to parenthood, Kennya’s Christian faith has united her to her charming husband Stephen. The couple exhibit typical parenting roles: “Jesus or no Jesus, if my daughter started working in a strip club, I'd beat her ass”.The couple has two children: model Hailey Baldwin and Alaia Baldwin.

Although this might come out as harsh and illogical to non-believers, the couple is firm on their belief. If anything, this strengthens Stephen and Kennya Baldwin's respect and love for each other.

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