Behind every famous figure, there often lies a lesser-known individual whose story remains shrouded in mystery. Such is the case with Kathryn Burrhus, the mysterious former wife of the legendary wrestler Steve Austin, better known as “Stone Cold.” 

While Steve’s career and personal life have been widely documented, Kathryn’s tale has largely remained hidden, overshadowed by her ex-husband’s larger-than-life persona. 

Join us as we unravel the captivating journey of Stone Cold’s first wife, Kathryn, exploring her untold experiences, her mysterious post-divorce life, and the secrets that lie beyond the spotlight. 

Kathryn’s Current Relationship: Who Is She Currently With?

At present, Kathryn Burrhus remains unmarried and has chosen to keep a low profile since her divorce from Stone Cold. Following the end of their marriage, she has refrained from public romantic involvement, making it difficult to ascertain if she has entered into any new relationships.

Kathryn appears to be focused on maintaining privacy and staying out of the public spotlight. Her personal life after divorce has remained relatively undisclosed, leaving room for speculation about her current relationship status. Likewise, Tamra Cantore has also maintained a private life after getting a divorce from Jim Cantore

Married Steve Austin (Stone Cold) in 1990

As previously mentioned, Kathryn Burrhus was previously married to Steve Austin, her high school sweetheart. Their wedding took place on November 24, 1990, but sadly, their marital bliss was short-lived. After a mere two years, the couple made the difficult decision to divorce, officially separating on August 7, 1992. 

Photo of Kathryn Burrhus ex-husband, Steve Austin
Photo of Kathryn Burrhus ex-husband, Steve Austin in the ring. Source: Pinterest

This sudden end to their relationship came as a surprise to many, considering their history and the initial promise of their union. Nonetheless, Kathryn and Steve chose to go their separate ways, parting on divergent paths.

What Was the Reason Behind Their Separation?

Well, the exact reason behind Kathryn and Steve’s separation is unknown. However, various reports indicate that the couple experienced frequent conflicts at home, primarily stemming from Steve’s career, leading to significant emotional distress. 

Eventually, on August 7, 1992, they mutually decided to divorce. There are also unverified rumors suggesting that Kathryn discovered Steve’s infidelity with a woman named Jeanie Adams, also known as Lady Blossom, which may have contributed to their split. Shortly after their divorce, Steve married Jeanie on December 8, 1992, just four months later.

Did Kathryn and Steve Have Kids Together?

Although Kathryn and her ex-husband Steve Austin were in a long-term relationship since their high school days and were married for nearly two years, they did not have any children together. 

Source: Facebook


However, Steve Austin is currently a father to four children: Jade Adams, Loren Williams, Stephanie Williams, and Cassidy Williams. In contrast, Kathryn herself does not have any children. It is possible that her single status since her divorce from Steve may have contributed to her not having children. 

Early Life: Her Bio & Age

Kathryn Burrhus, now in her mid-70s, was born on August 29, 1952, in Austin, Texas, USA, under the zodiac sign of Virgo. With American citizenship and a Caucasian ethnic background, she spent her formative years in Austin alongside her family. 

Unfortunately, details regarding her family and siblings remain undisclosed. Kathryn received her primary and secondary education from local schools in Austin, Texas, and later attended Woodcreek High School, where she is said to have crossed paths with Steve Austin.

About Kathryn’s Ex-Husband, Steve Austin

Steve Austin, famously known as “Stone Cold,” is a renowned professional wrestler and actor. Born on December 18, 1964, in Austin, Texas, he rose to prominence during the late 1990s as a key figure in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) – now known as WWE. Austin’s rebellious persona and his catchphrase “Austin 3:16” became iconic in the wrestling world. 

Photo of Kathryn Burrhus ex-husband, Steve Austin
Photo of Kathryn Burrhus ex-husband, Steve Austin holding word heavy weight championship. Source: Pinterest

Known for his intense in-ring style and charismatic personality, he captured the imagination of fans worldwide. Beyond wrestling, Austin has ventured into acting, appearing in various films and television shows. With his lasting impact on the industry, Steve Austin remains an influential figure in professional wrestling history.

Steve Austin Was Married Four Times

Currently, Steve Austin is married to his fourth wife, Kristin Feres. Prior to Kristin, he was married three times. His previous wives include Kathryn Burrhus, Jeanie Clarke, and Debra Marshall. Austin and Kristin got married in a private ceremony in 2009, and they prefer to keep their married life away from the public eye. They reside in Marina Del Rey, California, and occasionally make appearances together on Austin’s podcast, The Steve Austin Show.

Stone Cold with his fourth wife, Kristin Feres
Stone Cold with his fourth wife, Kristin Feres. Source: Pinterest

Debra Marshall, also known as Debra McMichael, was a professional wrestling manager and occasional wrestler. She became Stone Cold’s wife on September 13, 2000, but their marriage ended in divorce on February 5, 2003, following a highly publicized domestic incident.

Jeanie Clarke, a former professional wrestler and British author, was in a relationship with Austin while he was still married to Kathryn. Austin married Clarke on December 18, 1992, and they had two daughters together. However, their relationship became strained over time, leading to their separation in 1997 and divorce in 1999.

Kathryn Net Worth: How Rich Is She?   

Consequently, details regarding Kathryn Burrhus’s net worth remain elusive. With limited knowledge about her professional endeavors, it is difficult to ascertain her financial status accurately. 

On the other hand, her former husband, Steve Austin, has amassed a considerable net worth estimated at $30 million. Steve Austin’s success as an actor, writer, and former professional wrestler is widely regarded as the primary source of his wealth.

Physical Appearances

Kathryn Burrhus has a height of around 5 feet 7 inches (188 cm) and maintains a weight of approximately 58 kilograms, indicating her good physical fitness. 

Her attractive appearance includes long, flowing blonde hair and captivating dark-brown eyes. These remarkable physical attributes perfectly complement her age, reflecting a well-maintained and appealing appearance.

Is Kathryn’s on Social Media?

As mentioned earlier, Kathryn Burrhus has maintained a low profile on social media following her separation from Steve. There is no evidence of her presence on any social media platform. 

In contrast, her ex-husband, Steve Austin, maintains an active presence on Instagram and Twitter, boasting a significant number of followers. Kathryn’s post-separation life has been marked by relative silence, while Steve continues to engage with his online audience.