Updated: 11/29/2016 02:45 PM | First Published: 11/28/2016 05:36 PM

Katherine Timpf isn't married yet

A photo of Katherine Timpf with Joel Pavelski

Katherine Timpf has managed to keep her romantic relationships private despite a huge social media presence. No news regarding her being in a relationship with anyone has ever made to gossip sites. So, accurate news about her private life is hard to find.

However, in September, Katherine’s Instagram post including Joel Pavelski started a rumor; many people in the comments thought Joel was her boyfriend. But the rumor was later clarified by Katherine via Twitter.

More recently, she shared a podcast video featuring her ex-boyfriend, Blake, titled ‘Say Hello to My Ex-Boyfriend Blake’. Ex-lovers, Katherine and Blake discussed a variety of topics, including their immature relationship, relationship problem, drinking habits, and other issues.

The couple broke up nearly six years ago. Blake was her college party companion whom she described as ‘Jerry-to-my-Elaine’. Check out the video to know the full story.


The Fox News associate hasn’t settled down with anyone yet. But in October 2015, she tweeted, ‘Yes, I am looking for a husband that micromanages my face.’ So, she does have an image of the kind of husband she wants and what kind of qualities she wants in her life partner.

That’s pretty much what we know about Katherine’s dating life so far. Currently, she is living it up as a popular media personality in New York City.