Updated: 11/28/2016 03:28 PM | First Published: 11/27/2016 12:45 PM

Katherine Timpf is yet to find a husband

Katherine Timpf in a photo with Joel Pavelski

Katherine Timpf is gorgeous; she must be dating someone? Sadly, no authentic information about her dating life is available at the moment. However, back in September, her Instagram picture with Joe Pavelski raised many eyebrows; everyone thought he was her beau. But later on, Katherine cleared out the ongoing misunderstanding through a tweet.

Well, she was recently seen with her ex-boyfriend, Blake, in her podcast titled ‘Say Hello to My Ex-Boyfriend Blake’. The separated lovers talked about various topics including their immature relationship. They perhaps broke up six years ago, and actually, Blake was the one who introduced her to FNC.

Presently single, Katherine has never been married. In October 2015, she mentioned through her Twitter that she is looking for an eligible guy, whom she could make her husband and start a family with. So, this is pretty much about Katherine’s private life: single, seeking to settle down, and living an independent life in New York City.