Updated: 02/14/2017 02:58 PM | First Published: 02/13/2017 08:02 PM

Kate Bolduan rose to popularity after she united with CNN

Kate Bolduan, Michaela Pereira and Chris Cuomo on a talk show 'New Day'

Katherine Jane Bolduan, renowned by her celebrated name Kate Bolduan, was born on 28th July 1983 to father Dr Jeffrey Bolduan and mother Nadine Bolduan. In her University days, she was inclined to sports and she would easily gain a place in the college’s Women’s Volleyball team. In addition to that, she also performed acting in the Student Theatre Organisation. 

After her graduation, Bolduan began her career in the field of journalism. She began her television career as a production assistant for NBC news and MSNBC, based in Washington D.C. While in her time with MSNBC she was offered the role of assignment reporter for WTVD-TV. On joining WTVD-TV she became the youngest journalist to report for the channel at the age of 24. 

After gaining experience from multiple media outlets, Bolduan joined CNN in 2007 as a national Correspondent for CNN News Source. In her time as a news correspondent, she assisted more than 800 CNN affiliated news channels with breaking news. Apart from that, she also covered the 2008 Presidential Election and variety of other news which included the O.J Simpson armed robbery case, Minneapolis bridge collapse and the movement of the retiring NASA space shuttle fleet. 

Previously Bolduan served as the co-anchor and anchor of various shows which included The Situation Room, New Day and the State of America with Kate Bolduan. Currently, the beautiful journalist serves as the host of CNN’s morning show At This Hour. She previously co-hosted the show with John Berman but after Berman was shifted to CNN Newsroom on 6th February 2017, Bolduan currently headlines the show. 

After joining CNN in 2007, Bolduan has successfully established herself as a prominent name in the media industry. The winner of News and Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage of Current News Story, Bolduan receives a handsome paycheque from CNN which contributes in her estimated net worth of around 3 million dollars.