Updated: 12/29/2016 04:57 PM | First Published: 12/28/2016 11:55 PM

A leading woman in politics, is Karen Finney single?

Karen Finney speaking in a mic

A supporter of the democratic party of the United States, Karen Finney has gained wide-spread recognition as the senior spokesperson of 2015 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. In addition, her media career has also helped her in getting the attention of the people. 

With a career that has been serving her quite well and being recognized as one of the most influential women in today’s world, Karen Finney is taking the world by storm. Karen's growing popularity has made her personal life a topic of interest among her fans. However, Finney has not shared anything about her private life issues. 

Not only her dating history but her net worth is also not known but it is presumed that she earns a fair amount of salary from her multifaceted career.

A few years back, there was a rumor that Karen as romantically linked with journalist Jonathan Capehart. The rumor sparked when Capehart publicly acknowledged Finney as his "darling wife". However shortly after, Capehart released a clarification on Twitter that it was only an endearing term.

In clarification, Capehart wrote, "Folks, @finneyk and I are not really married. I'm just her "gay husband." Every fabulous dame has one, you know. #snicker"

Finney was once rumored to be pregnant as well. The allegations have now been slammed shut as she claims to be too busy with her professional life to have a love interest. 

Nevertheless, Karen is an active user of Twitter. She is available on Twitter @finneyk and is followed by more than 136K followers at present.