Kandy Johnson Isley is Ronald Isley’s lovely wife, singer, and businesswoman. Apart from being an artist, Ron is also a talented singer, songwriter, and record producer. In the world of music, he is especially distinguished as a founding member of one of America’s greatest and most revered family musical groups The Isley Brothers.

Kandy was born on February 24, 1977, in Los Angeles. CA. She is not just the wife of Ron but also a special person with her tale to tell. So let’s gain some insight into her life.

Married Life with Ronald Isley

In 2001, when the Isley Brothers signed the Johnson Sisters, Kandy Johnson Isley and Ronald Isley began their love story. Over the years, their bond became even more intimate, and in 2005 they exchanged heartfelt vows. The couple opted for the scenic setting of the Beverly Hills Hotel to hold their wedding ceremony, with 350 guests in attendance.

Kandy Johnson Isley is kissing Ronald Isley on the cheek.
Kandy Johnson Isley and her husband, Ronald Isley (Source: Kandy Isley Instagram @kandyisley)

Although they had a big age difference, with Ron 63 and Kandy only 28 when they got married, their commitment to each other spoke volumes. As the six months of engagement ticked away to the wedding ceremony, they were able to plan a day that would be remembered forever by all. To this day, the couple are going strong.

Net Worth Status

Besides being the wife of a celebrity, Kandy Johnson Isley is also an accomplished businesswoman. Her entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in what may well be a net worth of $1 million. She also runs her liquor business called Liquid Gold, together with her husband Ronald Isley.

With a net worth similar to Charlie Lenehan of $2 million, Ronald is a music legend. His great music career is his primary earned income. A leading force behind the Isley Brothers, he is certainly not one to look back with regrets. He has been a key factor in their success (over 18 million albums sold), and that’s helped his financial status too.

Kandy is a Mother

Kandy not only shines as a wife but also embraces the role of a loving mother. Her journey into motherhood began with her son Ronald Isley Jr. who was born in January 2007, as mentioned on Showbiz CheatSheet. He prefers to keep a low profile, choosing a life away from the spotlight, but it is no secret he has a passion for two things: gaming and music.

Kandy Johnson and Ronald Isley Jr. are posing for a picture with a sea in the background.
Kandy Johnson Isley with her son, Ronald Isley Jr. (Source: Kandy Isley Instagram @kandyisley)

Kandy also embraces her role as a stepmother to Trenisha Isley and Tawanna Isley. These two wonderful individuals are the children of Ronald from his previous marriage to Angela Winbush. Her presence as a stepmother reflects her commitment to building strong family bonds.

Kandy Johnson’s Current Work

Kandy Johnson wears multiple hats in her professional life. She currently serves as the CEO of Ronald Isley Liquid Gold, a thriving liquor business she co-owns with her husband Ronald. Her role involves overseeing various aspects of the liquor business, from operations to strategic planning.

In addition to her responsibilities with Liquid Gold, Kandy also takes on the role of managing the legendary music group, The Isley Brothers. Juggling these responsibilities requires a unique blend of business acumen and a deep understanding of the music industry. Her dual roles exemplify a dynamic career where she excels in both of them.

Ronald’s Wife is a Musician Too

Kandy Johnson also has a musical journey that adds another dimension to her versatile life. She, along with her sister Kim, started by singing in church when they were just five years old. Their early exposure to gospel music laid the foundation for their musical talents.

As they honed their skills, Kandy and Kim found themselves performing and touring with renowned gospel artists such as Shirley Caesar and Andrae Crouch. In 1989, they joined forces with their sister Krystal to form the Johnson Sisters, as mentioned on their official website.

Little Info on Johnson Sisters

Johnson Sisters is a disbanded R&B group. The journey of the group came to an end with the release of their debut album, “Ice Cream,” in 2003. Despite facing challenges in terms of commercial success, the group’s talent and dedication allowed them to share the stage with prestigious artists such as Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, R. Kelly, The Isley Brothers, and Earth, Wind and Fire during their active years.

In 2004, The Johnson Sisters received a Grammy nomination for their Dreamworks recording titled “Busted.” Beyond the music scene, the group made significant appearances on various shows, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, Soul Train, General Hospital, BET’s 106th & Park, and the Ally McBeal Show. While their time as a group was relatively short-lived, they left an indelible mark on the industry.

Family Background

Kandy Johnson Isley’s family is rooted in a strong foundation, with her parents, Denise Prince Johnson and Robert B. Johnson, playing significant roles in shaping her life. Her father, Robert, serves as a minister in the church, embodying a spiritual influence in the family. Interestingly, he played a pivotal role in her wedding to Ronald by officiating the ceremony.

Kandy Isley and Denise Prince Johnson are leaning into each other as they are posing for a picture.
Kandy Isley with her father, Denise Prince Johnson (Source: Kandy Isley Instagram @kandyisley)

Alongside Kandy, three siblings contribute to the family tapestry: Robert Johnson IV, Kimberly Johnson, and Krystal Johnson. The family’s shared experiences, both in the realm of spirituality and personal milestones, showcase a supportive and connected unit that extends beyond blood ties.


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