June Carlyn Baranco is the former wife of Bryant Gumbel. He is a famous TV journalist and sportscaster, especially known for his long stint as co-host on NBC’s Today Show.

June was born on June 22, 1948. It makes her a Cancer according to her horoscope. She prefers to live away from the spotlight, enjoying privacy and tranquility.

Previously Married To Bryant Gumbel

June Baranco and Bryant Gumbel first crossed paths through a mutual friend. This friend was dating Bryant’s brother, Greg Gumbel, back then. Their connection blossomed, leading to their marriage on December 1, 1973.

Bryant Gumbel is wearing a grey suit and a black tie.
June Baranco’s ex-husband, Bryant Gumbel (Source: Pinterest)

Baranco and Gumbel spent almost three decades together until their marriage ended on August 21, 2001. They shared many years of experiences as a couple.

Ex-Husband’s Cheating Ended The Marriage

June and Bryant’s marriage faced challenges, and ultimately they divorced. The reason for their divorce was his infidelity. She accused him of being a “serial adulterer” after he began a relationship with Hilary Quinlan, a former researcher for Goldman Sachs.

This betrayal and breach of trust led to the breakdown of the former couple’s marriage. Despite their difficulties, June maintained her dignity and chose to move forward with her life.

Net Worth Status

June Baranco prefers to keep her life private, and she hasn’t shared much information about her work or wealth. However, it’s known that as part of her divorce settlement from Bryant Gumbel, she got a lot. The woman received their Upper East Side apartment and a luxurious estate in Westchester.

Bryant Gumbel is posing in a blue suit in front of a black background.
Bryant Gumbel in a Photoshoot (Source: Pinterest)

According to reports from the New York Post, the settlement essentially divided Gumbel’s fortune evenly between them. It appears that June was able to secure assets that would ensure her financial stability moving forward.

Gumbel has accumulated a significant net worth estimated at $25 million. He earned the majority of his fortune through his career as a television sportscaster. He commanded an impressive salary of around $6 million.

About June’s Family

June’s family includes her mother, Jeannie Baranco, and her father, Joseph Baranco. While not much information is available about her family, it is known that she has a brother named Darryl Baranco.

Darryl played a supportive role in June’s life during her divorce from Bryant Gumbel. He traveled from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to be by his sister’s side during the settlement proceedings.

Darryl expressed strong feelings towards Bryant, criticizing him harshly, stating,

“He may be good at his job, but he’s a poor excuse for a human, a poor excuse for a man.”

June’s brother’s protective stance highlights the depth of his loyalty to his sister and his firm stance against any wrongdoing toward her.

Current Relationship Status

June Baranco’s current relationship status remains a mystery. She has chosen to live a quiet life following her divorce from Bryant. While it’s assumed that she is single, not much is known about her personal life or any potential romantic involvements.

Hilary Quinlan is wearing a white dress and Bryant Gumbel is wearing a black suit.
Bryant Gumbel and his wife, Hilary Quinlan (Source: Pinterest)

In contrast, Bryan Gumbel has moved on and remarried. He tied the knot with Hilary Quinlan on August 24, 2002. This is the same woman June accused him of cheating with. He has embarked on a new chapter in his life, and she has seemingly focused on her journey.

Bryant’s Father’s Influence On His And June’s Relationship

Bryant’s father, Richard Dunbar Gumbel, played a significant role in the relationship between him and June. When she visited Chicago in 1968 to spend time with a friend, he took the opportunity to show her around the city.

During their time together, Richard developed a fondness for June. Bryant himself admitted that at the beginning, his father held her in high regard. Perhaps even more so than Sportscaster did initially.

This sentiment from Richard was meaningful to Bryant, as mentioned in an article from Vault. His father’s positive impression of June likely influenced his feelings towards her.

Branco Is A Mother

June is a mother. She and Bryant were blessed with two children. Their first child, son, Bradley Christopher Gumbel, entered the world on January 1, 1979. Similarly, they welcomed their second baby, daughter Jillian Beth Gumbel, in 1983.

Bradley pursued his education, attending Lynn University before transferring to Manhattanville College. In the early 2000s, he worked as an events planner.

On the other hand, Jillian embarked on her academic journey at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, like Elisabeth Rohm. During her college days, she gained experience as a nanny. Later, she transitioned into a career as a yoga instructor.

Education And Career

June has maintained a private life, revealing little about her education and career. However, it is known that she attended Louisiana State University (LSU), like Jacob Villere, at some point in the past.

Additionally, June has worked as a stewardess for Delta Airlines. Although details about this aspect of her career remain scarce. Despite the lack of information, it’s evident that she has had experiences both in academia and in the workforce.


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