Julian Ozanne is the ex-husband of Gillian Anderson. She is a famous actress who appeared in many popular movies and TV shows. Some of her well-known works are titles such as “The X-Files,” “The Fall,” “Bleak House,” and “The Last King of Scotland.”

Ozanne, born in 1965 in Kenya, is an individual with a diverse background. He, in the past, has been involved with production. His life and career are both mysterious, leaving room for curiosity about the man who has maintained a low-profile life.

Previously Married To Gillian Anderson

How The Two Met?

Julian Ozanne and Gillian Anderson met at a dinner party in 2002. A mutual friend organized it. On that occasion, she happened to be sitting beside him. At that time, their lifestyles seemed very disparate. She refrained from drinking, smoking, or eating anything made of wheat and dairy, while he chose a more vibrant and full-fledged approach to life instead.

Julian Ozanne is wearing a red dress and Gillian Anderson is wearing a blue shirt and a black jacket.
Julian Ozanne with his ex-wife, Gillian Anderson (Source: Pinterest)

Gillian initially found him a little unpleasant, maybe because of their different lifestyles. However, as destiny would have it they kept bumping into each other at different social meetings in London. Gradually, a friendship formed, and eventually, they found common interests as well as values that made their connection stronger over time.

The Marriage And Divorce

Ozanne and Anderson got married on December 29, 2004. Their marriage took place at Shella Island which is an island off the Kenyan coast, as per the article from The Guardian. Her daughter Piper, from a previous marriage, acted as her bridesmaid.

After their wedding, the couple started living together in the lovely neighborhood of Notting Hill. However, despite appearing to be the perfect start of a fairytale life together, Julian and Gillian’s marriage was fraught with problems. Sadly by April 2006, it came to an end. They parted ways and interestingly, the reasons behind their separation were never made public.

Net Worth Status

Julian Ozanne’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Currently associated with New Forests Company Holdings Limited, his role in the company contributes to his overall financial profile. He has previously delved into producing works. Despite his public presence, he has maintained a level of privacy regarding specific details of his income.

Gillian Anderson is wearing a black suit as she is posing with her hands folded.
Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson in The Fall (Source: Gillian Anderson Instagram @gilliana)

Ozanne’s ex-wife, Gillian Anderson boasts a substantial net worth of $40 million, similar to John Stamos. Her noteworthy role in the iconic TV series “The X-Files” contributed significantly to her financial success. During the fourth season and onwards, she earned an impressive $240,000 per episode. She has also ventured into the beverage industry with her own soft drink business called G Spot.

What Is Julian’s Education?

Ozanne pursued his education at the esteemed London School of Economics (the institute Jessica Tarlov also studied). He engaged in academic studies that laid the foundation for his future endeavors. Graduating in the year 1986, his time at the institute likely equipped him with valuable knowledge and skills.

Despite this key period in his education being well-documented, details about Julian’s earlier educational experiences remain unclear. His focus on higher education at a prestigious institution like the London School of Economics indicates a dedication to intellectual growth and development.

Current Work Of Ozanne

Julian currently serves as both the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at ‘New Forests Company Holdings Limited.’ In these roles, he has taken on significant initiatives with a positive impact on the environment and local communities. One notable project involves the transformation of a previously barren region in central Uganda.

Julian Ozanne is wearing a black suit and a white shirt.
Julian Ozanne at an event (Source: Pinterest)

Through Anderson’s ex-husband’s leadership, over 14 million pine and eucalyptus trees have been planted. It has contributed not only to environmental conservation but also to the creation of employment opportunities. More than 1,400 individuals have found jobs through these initiatives, enhancing the socio-economic landscape of the region.

Previous Works

Ozanne’s early career took him to Washington. He was an integral member of staff in a Democrat congressman, as per the Independent. After this, he served for nine years as a correspondent for the Financial Times helping him improve in journalism and contributing to the world of finance reporting.

Between 1994 and 1999, Gillian’s ex-husband was an advisor to different US and European investment banks. He also had some powerful positions in significant establishments, including ‘World Economic Forum’ and ‘S.G. Warburg Group Plc.’ Additionally, he has explored the field of photojournalism, adding yet another dimension to his multifaceted career.

An Experience As A Producer And Director

Julian has also shown his abilities as a producer and director. He was an executive producer for the documentary “Here to Where” in 2002. Furthermore, he served as a producer for the video “Lara Croft: Lethal and Loaded” in 2001, and “This Is Not an Exit: The Fictional World of Bret Easton Ellis” in 1999.

Ozanne was also an associate producer for one episode of the TV show “Panorama” in 1997. He has also ventured into directing, showcasing his skills behind the camera with the 2000 documentary titled “Giorgio Armani: A Man for All Seasons.”

Early Life

Julian Ozanne has been very private about much of his early life and revealed little information regarding the environment in which he grew up. Avoiding other family details, it is known that his mother was named Patricia Ozanne.

What is known is that Julian spent a significant part of his childhood in the palace of King Moshoeshoe II of Lesotho. While it is not widely known why he was associated with a royal residence, this interesting detail makes his early years somewhat mysterious.


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