Jules Augustus Robertson is the beloved adopted son of “Duck Dynasty” stars Jep and Jessica Robertson. Growing up in the spotlight of the popular A&E reality series, he has become a cherished member of the tight-knit clan known for their unique charm and Southern hospitality.

Jules is also affectionately known as Gus Robertson. He was born on November 6, 2015, making him a Scorpio. As he celebrates his birthdays, he adds more joy and happiness to the Robertson family.

About Jules Parents

Jules Robertson’s parents, Jessica Robertson and Jep Robertson have a heartwarming love story. It all began with a chance encounter in February of the year 2001. It all started when they first laid eyes on each other at their mutual hair stylist’s place.

Jessica Robertson and Jep Robertson are posing for the picture wearing their Christmas sweater.
Jules Robertson’s parents Jessica and Jep Robertson (Source: Instagram @jeprobertson)

In June of that same year, Jessica and Jep began dating. Only a few months later, on October 7, 2001, they exchanged vows and became husband and wife. Their journey began from a casual “hello” at the hair stylist’s to marriage in such a short span.

Before Jules’ parents became a couple, their relationship had its roots in shared moments of spiritual connection. In a candid interview with Fox, Jessica revealed that when she first met Jep, she was simply hanging out with him and a group of friends from church. The gatherings often involved Bible studies. In April, he played a significant role in her life by baptizing her in the lake. Only then, do these two commence dating.

Net Worth Status

Jessica and Jep Robertson, the dynamic couple from “Duck Dynasty,” have built an estimated net worth of $8 million. Much of their success can be attributed to the popularity of the reality series, which has become a household favorite.

In addition to their television endeavors, Jessica has carved her path with the creation of her business, Genuine by Jess. This venture involves curating thoughtful gift boxes filled with hand-picked items selected by Jules’ mother herself. On the other hand, Jep has ventured into the food industry with a food truck.

In 2022, Jep made a significant real estate move by purchasing a Texas home for $289,900. This cozy abode, spanning 1,850 square feet, showcases three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Has Few Siblings

Jules Robertson, the youngest member of the Robertson family, shares his lively household with four siblings. His three sisters, Lily Robertson (born on December 26, 2002), Merritt Robertson (born on July 30, 2004), and Priscilla Robertson (born on August 4, 2006), bring a diverse range of personalities and ages to the family dynamic.

Jules, Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, River Jep, and Jessica Robertson are posing for one big family picture.
Jules Robertson with siblings, Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, and River Robertson (Source: Instagram @jessicaduckwife)

Additionally, Jules has a younger brother, River Robertson, born on December 5, 2008. He and his siblings share a special bond that goes beyond being just family. They are each other’s companions.

The Adopted Child

Jules Augustus Robertson holds a special place in the hearts of Jessica and Jep Robertson. The adoption journey began when she first introduced the idea, prompting initial hesitation from her husband. With four children already in the family, the thought of expanding further brought concerns about the challenges and uncertainties that might come their way.

However, a transformative experience awaited Jep during a mission trip with the non-profit organization All God’s Children International. Immersed in this eye-opening journey, he returned home with a changed perspective. He was ready to embrace the idea of adoption.

Overcoming his initial fears and uncertainties, Jep approached Jessica with a sincere declaration, saying, “I’m ready. I’m ready to complete our family.” Thus, Jules became a cherished addition to the Robertson family.

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Jules Completed The Robertson Family

Jules Augustus Robertson holds a special and irreplaceable role in the Robertson family. Jep, reflecting on the adoption of his son, has expressed profound sentiments, stating, “He was the piece I never knew that was missing.”

Jules Augustus Robertson has his hands aroud Jep and Jessica Robertson who are sitting for a picture.
Jules Robertson with his parents, Jep and Jessica Robertson (Source: Instagram @jessicaduckwife)

Jules brought a unique and enriching energy to the family. Jep’s heartfelt words convey the powerful realization that his youngest one was not just an addition but a crucial element that made their family whole. “Duck Dynasty” star mentioned, “He came into our lives and I felt God working in a way I have never felt before.”

The Adoption Process Wasn’t Easy

The journey to bring Jules into the Robertson family was not without its challenges for Jep and Jessica. Before him, the couple faced the disappointment of two potential adoptions that did not come to fruition, as per Yahoo! Entertainment.

The whole thought of adoption for the family began after Jessica had undergone multiple cesarean sections with her older children. She received medical advice from her doctor who told her having another biological child might not be feasible.

About Jules’ Controversial Grandfather

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of “Duck Dynasty” fame, has been a controversial figure. It has come due to a lot of things, as mentioned in Entertainment Weekly. One of them was his remarks in a 2013 interview with GQ. In the interview, he expressed discriminatory views, making racist and anti-gay comments.

Phil labeled homosexuality as a sin and equated it to bestiality. He also said black people were content in pre-civil rights era Louisiana. Additionally, he controversially asserted that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a form of punishment from God in another interview in 2015.

Phil also supported the North Carolina anti-transgender bathroom law, endorsing discrimination against the transgender community based on birth certificate gender specifications. Furthermore, he shared an extreme perspective on handling ISIS, proposing conversion or killing as the only option. These remarks have sparked significant criticism and debate surrounding Jules’ grandfather’s views and values.


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