Judy Sheindlin renowned Judge is blessed with loyal husband and 5 children. Bonding strong with 13 grandchildren

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Judy Sheindlin, best recognized as Judge Judy, has been sharing a blissful married life with husband Jerry Sheindlin for 39 years. Together they are parents to 5 children, 2 from Judy's 1st marriage and 3 from her Jerry’s early married life. The longtime married couple is also blessed with 13 grandchildren.

Judy Sheindlin unbreakable bond with hubby Jerry after reconciling in 1991

She exchanged wedding vows with Jerry Sheindlin in 1977. Her spouse Jerry is a judge who has worked as an arbiter on The People’s Court, the reality court show.

Their marriage came to a halt in 1990 when Judy’s father died. Tensions led to her being unable to stay in the relationship and they divorced. However, the two reconciled and remarried in 1991.

However, it wasn’t the first time for both Jerry and Judy when they married. Judy had earlier got married to Ronald Levy in 1964. Levy is a prosecutor in juvenile court. After 12 long years, the couple knocked out in 1976. Likewise, her hubby Jerry had also been married before.

Out of their children, Jamie and Adam were from Judy’s previous marriage while Gregory, Jonathan, and Nicole were from Jerry’s first marriage. Despite having step-children, Judy’s family is very tight.

Nearly a year back time in August 2015, she and her husband Jerry had a meeting with Lord Mayor of Durbin, Criona Ni Dhalaigh. Judy shared the picture through her twitter.

It's been a long time that the couple has tied their knot and still they shares same affection towards each other.Have a look on some of the precious moment of Judy with her husband Jerry from TV news show Extra.

Judy Sheindlin shows soft corner for children and grandchildren while she is strict on court

Judy’s children have done their best as they are involved in reputable careers. Gregory, Adam, and Nicole are lawyers while Jonathan is a surgeon.

Her children also makeJudy a proud grandmother to a total of 13 grandchildren. She revealed that she may be strict on the court but she is a regular softie to her grandchildren. She likes to spoil them a lot which is amusingly something she did not do her own children.

In September 2013, she not only attended the wedding of her grandchildren, Casey Barber but also officiated it. Being a lawyer in the family does have its advantages! At this rate, it seems Judy will also soon be a great grandmother. She got very emotional at her grandson's wedding. Check out the video.

Judge Judy, 70, has accomplished a lot settling disputes as a reality television star in the family court. Having a dedicated and loyal husband and a huge family of 5 children and 13 grandchildren, we wonder how many disputes Judy Sheindlin had to solve within her own family!

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Go Judge Judy! My dad use to like watching the Judge Judy show in England over 13 years ago, I could not understand the fascination. But now I watch it everyday, or as often as I can!

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