Updated: 12/02/2016 11:40 AM | First Published: 12/01/2016 07:10 PM

Juanita Vanoy and Michael Jordan: Marital life appeared fine until Divorce Shock!

Juanita Vanoy and Michael Jordan divorced in 2006.

Juanita met Michael in a restaurant in Chicago. They were engaged for a year before getting married in 1989. At the time, Juanita was a model and a former executive of the American Bar Association.

Juanita and Michael remained married for 17 years. The couple had three kids together - daughter Jasmine and sons Jeffrey and Marcus Jordan. By the end of 2002, the couple started experiencing irreconcilable differences between each other. Juanita even filed for a divorce; she later withdrew the petition to give themselves a second chance.

However, in 2006, the couple decided to separate amicably. While their divorce took media spotlight for quite a while, the couple did not make ugly remarks about each other. Juanita gained a settlement of $168 million and the custody of their three children.