Josh Harris, the son of the renowned fisherman Phil Harris, gained fame as a reality TV star on the popular show “Deadliest Catch,” which aired on Discovery. However, he has since fallen from grace, facing numerous challenges and controversies. Despite being born into a family deeply rooted in the fishing industry, his journey has been filled with ups and downs.

Harris, born on March 18, 1983, is known for his connection to the fishing industry and his role as a reality TV star. He shares a special bond with his brother, Jake Harris, and together they have faced many challenges. Born under the zodiac sign of Pisces, his personality may be influenced by the traits commonly associated with this sign like being imaginative, compassionate, and intuitive.

Has Experienced Fatherhood

Harris has embraced the joys of fatherhood and is a proud dad to two daughters: Kinsley Ella Harris and Kayla Granese. Kayla, the oldest of the two, is from his previous relationship. Meanwhile, Kinsley is the daughter of Jenna Bulis and was born in 2013. Although Josh maintains his privacy, he occasionally shares pictures of his daughters on his Instagram account.

 Kinsley Ella Harris, and Kayla Granese are smiling for the picture.
Josh Harris’s daughters, Kinsley Ella Harris, and Kayla Granese (Source: Josh Harris Instagram @joshharriscm)

These glimpses into his family life allow fans and followers to catch a glimpse of the special moments Harris cherishes with his children. While he may keep most of his personal life private, sharing these occasional snapshots showcases the love and pride he has for his daughters.

Harris Relationship Status

Josh Harris, a private individual, has not shared much about his current relationship status. In the past, he was romantically involved with Jenna Bulis, although it is uncertain if they are still together. Additionally, he has been in a previous relationship with an unknown woman, with whom he shares a daughter.

While details about his personal life remain undisclosed, it is clear that Harris has experienced significant connections and responsibilities through his past relationships. As a public figure, he may choose to keep his personal life separate from the spotlight and prioritize privacy for himself and his loved ones.

About Josh’s Late Father, Phil Harris

Harris’s father, Phil Harris, was a highly respected figure in the fishing industry. Phil, whose full name was Phillip Charles Harris, served as the captain and part owner of the crab fishing vessel F/V Cornelia Marie. He gained widespread recognition through his appearances on the popular documentary reality TV series, “Deadliest Catch,” which aired on the Discovery Channel. He was popularly known as an American Captain.

Phil Harris is posing with a machine.
Josh Harris’s late father, Phil Harris (Source: Josh Harris Instagram @joshharriscm)

Phil’s untimely passing deeply saddened both his loved ones and fans of the show. On January 29, 2010, he suffered a stroke while unloading the boat at Saint Paul Island, Alaska. He was immediately put into a medically-induced coma after undergoing surgery. Fortunately, he eventually woke up and had the opportunity to spend precious time with his family before he passed away at the age of 53, just five days later as mentioned in an article from The Sun. His sudden demise left a void in the fishing community and a lasting impact on those who admired his skills and charisma as a captain.

Net Worth Of The Former Deadliest Catch Star

Josh Harris, with a net worth of $800,000, has built his financial standing through his career as a fisherman and his involvement as a former reality television personality on the show “Deadliest Catch.” While his net worth is publicly known, he has chosen not to disclose the specific details of his income.

It is common for individuals in the industry to keep their earnings private, and Harris is no exception. His income likely comes from various sources, including his fishing endeavors and any additional projects he may be involved in. By keeping his income undisclosed, he maintains a level of privacy and focuses on his work and personal life without the distraction of financial speculation.

Has Both Biological And Half-Brother

Harris has a close bond with both his biological brother, Jake Harris, and his half-brother, Shane Harris. Jake, born on October 23, 1985, shares Josh’s passion for fishing and works as a fisherman as well. On the other hand, Shane is his half-brother from his mother’s side. Unfortunately, after his parent’s divorce, his father remarried, and his stepmother, Teresa, did not want Shane to be a part of their lives anymore as mentioned in an article from Looper.

Jake Harris and Phil Harris are posing with her hands crossed.
Jake Harris with his late father, Phil Harris (Source: Josh Harris @joshharriscm)

Shane disappeared for a long time following the incident. In an unexpected turn of events, he made a return to Josh’s life after 25 years during the 18th season of “Deadliest Catch.” This reunion brought about an emotional and heartwarming chapter in their relationship, rekindling their connection and providing an opportunity for them to rebuild the bonds of brotherhood.

Harris, the brother of Josh, faced significant challenges following their father’s passing. Unable to cope with the loss, he battled with drug addiction, which further complicated his life. In 2019, he encountered legal troubles and was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to charges of driving under the influence and possession of heroin with intent to manufacture or distribute. The consequences of his actions brought about a period of reflection and personal growth for Josh’s younger brother.

Harris’s Time At Deadliest Catch

Josh Harris had long and diverse journey with the show, “Deadliest Catch,” (the show whose current captain is Sig Hansen). He first joined the series in 2007, alongside his late father, Phil, and younger brother, Jake. When his father passed away, Josh and Jake stepped up and took over the show. However, there came point when his involvement in the show came to an end, and he was ultimately fired following the sexual assault scandal.

Josh was at the show for a very long time and he contributed to the “Deadliest Catch” franchise in many capacities. He worked as a consultant on several spin-offs and related projects, including “Deadliest Catch: Bloodline” from 2020 to 2022, “Deadliest Catch: Trial of a Generation” (2021), “Deadliest Catch: Tortured to Greatness” (2019), “Deadliest Catch: Strategy & Deception” (2019), “Deadliest Catch: Unfinished Business” (2019), “Deadliest Catch: Battle Scars” (2018), “Deadliest Catch: Captain vs Captain” (2018), and “Deadliest Catch: Legend of the Wizard” (2016). He was the consultant and co-captain at the time.

The Reason Harris Was Fired From The Deadliest Catch

Josh Harris faced a distressing situation that led to his termination from the show “Deadliest Catch.” An old sexual assault incident resurfaced, revealing a case from his past involving four-year-old girl. When the incident occurred, he was sentenced to 30 days of confinement for each charge, as well as 24 months of supervision, 150 hours of community service, and the completion of a 24-month sex offender program. In decision made during his legal proceedings, it was determined that his supervision would be under the care of his grandfather for 24 months.

The incident involving Harris occurred on July 14, 1998. However, the official arrest papers were delayed for almost a year due to complications with conducting a DNA test on the evidence collected from the crime scene. Finally, on March 25, 1999, a search warrant was executed, allowing the authorities to examine the items obtained. It was proven as he was the culprit. Then, on January 6, 2000, he admitted to his involvement in the incident.

The details Harris provided were disturbing. He touched the four-year-old girl in an immoral manner. He also disclosed that he had talked to the minor about sexual matters and he had done that for sexual gratification. The resurfacing of this case made a once beloved person in Deadliest Catch, the most hated individual in the show.


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