Writer John Grisham is back with his new novel. His new novel titled The Whistler was released today. The writer best known for writing thriller based novel explains the corruption that goes on in the US tribal casinos. Besides that, the novel also flashes light on the judicial misconduct in the US.

The Whistler, in the novel, is a disbarred lawyer who is in charge of Florida’s Board of Judicial Conduct in the direction of “the most corrupt judge in the history of American jurisprudence”.

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The judge is protecting a local casino and the gangsters. The gangster seems taking a sizeable amount of profit and protecting the casino. The novel revolves around how the casino, the gangsters, and the Judge are abiding the law and running the casino.

The state of the casinos, especially Indian, and the profit they make have left Grisham both fascinated and in shock. Besides that, the lack of fear of law in Indian casino gaming and the fact that it often operates beyond the control of either the state of the federal law also left the writer in a dilemma.

“Indian casinos now gross more money than regular commercial casinos. There are 250 of them around the country, and they’re absolutely massive. They print money”, John Grisham said about the Indian casino in an interview.

Speaking further about the casino, the novelist went on to say, “Ninety percent of all the money that comes in is in cash, and it’s unregulated, nobody’s watching, they don’t pay taxes. I’m not saying there’s corruption, but it’s a perfect storm for corruption. No one knows how much they make; they don’t have to report to anybody”.

All the tribal casinos in the United States are handled by the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC). The federal agency, which currently is based in Washington DC, was established in 1988 after previous casino handling federal agency, Indian Gaming Regulatory Act ( IGRA) vanished.

The agency, NIGC, is powered to take actions, investigations audits and to issue fined if the rules are violated. Likewise, the agency can also close down a casino if it fails to file financial reports in a timely manner.

The book is expected to be yet another success. The Whistler is available now. Grisham seems to be on the verge of making a sequel to the book. The author said that he created one of the characters of his new book, Lacey Stoltz, with intention of bringing her back in his future books.