Joe Robinet (full name Joseph Allen Robinette) is a popular YouTuber known for his adventurous outdoorsman activities. He has a passion for extreme camping trips, where he explores remote and challenging locations. With his impressive survival skills, he is skilled at building natural shelters, which come in handy during his backcountry camping trips.

Born on May 19, 1984, in Canada, Robinet’s zodiac sign is Taurus. He has a deep connection with nature and often shares his experiences and tips on his YouTube channel, inspiring many viewers to embrace the beauty of the great outdoors. On his birthday, he loves to celebrate by embarking on exciting new adventures and spending time in the wilderness, appreciating the wonders of the natural world.

Relationship Status Of Robinet

Joe Robinet is happily married to Wilhemina Robinet, and he often expresses his love for her on Instagram. They share strong and loving relationship, and he enjoys posting about their special moments together now and then. It was clear from the start that he was head over heels for her, as he fell completely in love with her after just one of their dates. He met her for the first time when he was in grade 12.

Joe Robinet is sitting in the boat holding the fish.
Joe Robinet’s wife, Wilhemina Robinet (Source: Joe Robinet Instagram @joerobinetbushcraft)

To strengthen their bond, Robinet took Wilhemina on a memorable bush-camping trip, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Over two days in the wilderness, Joe’s affection for his now-wife grew even stronger, and he knew deep in his heart that she was the one for him. Their shared passion for outdoor adventures and their unwavering love for each other make their relationship truly special and inspiring.

Net Worth Of The Outdoorsman

Joe Robinet’s estimated net worth is around $500,000, mainly stemming from his successful career on YouTube. His engaging content featuring camping and outdoor adventures has gained him a large and devoted following, contributing significantly to his income. Additionally, he has diversified his revenue streams by selling merchandise related to his brand. Fans can find an array of products like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and other merch like mugs and can coolers, which have become popular among his supporters as shown on Bunker Branding’s website.

Through Robinet’s dedication to sharing his passion for the great outdoors and his entrepreneurial spirit, Joe has been able to build a fulfilling career doing what he loves while also connecting with his audience and providing them with exciting and useful content. As his channel continues to grow and his merchandise remains in demand, his net worth is likely to increase in the future.

Shares Two Kids With His Wife

Robinet, like Jane Skinner, is a proud parent to two lovely daughters, Emerald Robinet and Autumn Robinet. Emerald is the older of the two and was born on January 12, 2012. However, Joe prefers to keep much of their personal information private, valuing their privacy and protecting them from excessive public exposure.

Emerald and Autumn Robinet are wearing a matching shirt posing with the stick.
Joe Robinet kid’s Emerald and Autumn Robinet (Source: Joe Robinet Instagram @joerobinetbushcraft)

Instead, Robinet focuses on sharing heartwarming moments of their family adventures and the joy they bring to his life. Fans and followers appreciate his respect for his daughters’ privacy, understanding that his role as a father is his most cherished aspect of life. Through his posts and occasional updates, His love for Emerald and Autumn shines through, making his followers feel like a part of his extended family as they witness the beautiful bond he shares with his beloved girls.

Education Background

Robinet pursued his education at Sault College in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, where he studied Park Operations. During his time there, he delved into various aspects of outdoor knowledge, gaining expertise in tree identification, animal tracking, survival skills, and orientation techniques.

Robinet’s passion for the wilderness and camping led him to explore the art of building quinzhees, a type of snow shelter, which he undoubtedly found valuable for his outdoor adventures. To further hone his bushcraft skills, he took a bushcraft course instructed by Caleb Musgrave, a renowned expert in the field. Through these educational experiences and hands-on training, he acquired a wealth of practical knowledge that has greatly influenced his ability to thrive in the wilderness.

Robinet’s YouTube Journey

Robinet’s captivating YouTube journey began back in the same month, Randy Orton and Samantha Speno had married, i.e., in September 2007 when he decided to create his YouTube Channel. Looking to enhance his bushcraft skills, he joined the Bushcraft USA Forum, where he came across Terry Barney, an instructor offering free online bushcraft courses. Intrigued and eager to impress Terry to gain access to these valuable courses, Joe began uploading videos as a hobby.

Joe Robinet is sitting on a chair relaxing by the lake.
Joe Robinet wishing Happy Canoe Day (Source: Joe Robinet Instagram @joerobinetbushcraft)

Little did Robinet know that one of his videos would become a viral sensation! The breakthrough came when Reddit users discovered and shared a video of him overnighting in the wilderness with his loyal dog. The video quickly gained momentum and landed on the front page of Reddit, catapulting Joe into the spotlight. The overwhelmingly positive response from viewers fueled his passion for sharing his outdoor adventures and knowledge, encouraging him to continue creating engaging content that resonates with nature enthusiasts worldwide.

As of now, Robinet’s YouTube channel boasts an impressive collection of over 630 videos, and he has garnered a massive following of 1.55 million subscribers. Among all his uploads, one video stands out as the most popular: “Solo Bushcraft Camp. 2 Nights in the Snow.” This particular video has captivated the hearts of viewers worldwide, amassing a staggering 9.1 million views.

Has Been On The Television Show

In addition to his successful YouTube career and various outdoor jobs, Joe Robinet has also made television appearances. He was featured on the survival show “Alone,” which aired on History TV as mentioned on History’s page. The show is known for its intense and challenging premise, where contestants are left alone in the wilderness to survive with limited resources.

Robinet’s expertise in bushcraft and survival skills made him a natural fit for the show. He showcased his resilience and resourcefulness in five episodes, which aired from 2015 to 2016. The show’s location, Vancouver Island, provided a rugged and demanding environment for the participants, and Joe’s ability to adapt and thrive in such conditions impressed both the audience and his fellow contestants. His time on “Alone” further solidified his reputation as a skilled outdoorsman, attracting even more viewers to follow his remarkable journey.

Robinet’s Other Interests

Apart from his passion for the outdoors and bushcraft, Joe Robinet has diverse interests that showcase his adventurous spirit. At one point, he had a keen interest in becoming a herpetologist, a scientist specializing in the study of reptiles and amphibians. Although he pursued a different path, his love for wildlife and nature remains evident in his outdoor adventures.

Additionally, Robinet enjoys engaging in various sports and recreational activities. Skateboarding and rollerblading allow him to feel the thrill of speed and balance, while mountain biking takes him on thrilling rides through challenging terrains. Embracing the serenity of water, Joe also finds solace in canoeing, gliding through calm lakes and rivers.

Moreover, fishing is one of Robinet’s cherished pastimes, allowing him to connect with nature and patiently await the thrill of catching a fish. These interests reflect Joe’s multifaceted personality, where he is not only a skilled outdoorsman but also an enthusiast of many exciting pursuits that enrich his life with joy and adventure.

Work Before YouTube

Before Robinet’s successful YouTube career, he had a diverse work background. He held various jobs at retail stores, gaining valuable experience in customer service and sales. Notably, he worked at renowned Canadian establishments like Tim Hortons and Canadian Tire. However, Joe’s true passion for the outdoors led him to work at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville. There, he took on the role of leading people on guided tours and snowshoe hikes, sharing his knowledge of the natural world and creating memorable experiences for guests.

Robinet’s expertise in biology also led him to the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Windsor, where he served as a research assistant in the biology department laboratory for an impressive five years. These diverse experiences not only honed his skills but also deepened his connection with nature, laying the foundation for the extraordinary adventures he would later share with the world through his YouTube channel.


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