Joan Kenlay is the former wife of the late actor Robert Conrad. Conrad is widely recognized for his iconic portrayal of Secret Service agent Jim West in the series “The Wild Wild West.”

Kenlay was born in Cook County, Illinois on April 16, 1936. She led a life marked by deliberately choosing to maintain a low profile. Throughout the years, she preferred to stay away from the public eye, keeping her matters private.

Previously Married To Robert Conrad

Joan Kenlay was previously married to the late actor Robert Conrad. They shared a marital bond that spanned an impressive 25 years. The couple exchanged vows on February 23, 1952, and their union endured until 1977.

Robert Conrad is wearing a black shirt.
Joan Kenlay’s ex-husband, Robert Conrad (Source: Pinterest)

Despite the significant duration of Joan and Robert’s marriage, many details about their life together are missing. Things such as how they first met, the intricacies of their married life, and the reasons behind their eventual divorce, remain unclear. The privacy they maintained during their relationship adds an air of mystery to their story.

Robert And Joan’s Hidden Romance From Parents

Conrad and Kenlay’s love story took a secret turn as they chose to elope and live under the assumed name of “Robert Conrad.” They did this to keep their whereabouts hidden from their parents.

However, in May 1952, a significant development prompted Robert to reconsider their secrecy. Joan’s pregnancy became known to him. Faced with the impending responsibilities of parenthood, he decided to break the news to their parents. The “Black Sheep Squadron” actor believed that embracing their roles as soon-to-be parents would soften any opposition from their families.

Conrad’s Other Marriage

After Joan, Robert entered into another significant chapter of his life through his marriage to LaVelda Fann. Their union lasted from March 28, 1983, until 2010. The story of how they met adds an interesting twist to their relationship.

LaVelda Fann is standing on the river holding a camera.
Robert Conrad’s second wife, LaVelda Fann  (Source: LaVelda Fann Instagram @lavelda)

In 1978, Conrad was invited to Atlanta to serve as an emcee at a pageantry event. It was during this event that he encountered LaVelda, who held the title of Miss National Teenager beauty queen at the time. She was in the process of passing on her crown. The actor was still married to Joan during this encounter.

Robert and LaVelda’s eventual marriage despite the age gap (he was 43 and she was 17 when they met) suggests that love and connection can transcend differences.

Net Worth Status

Joan Kenlay’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. However, specific details about her financial status remain largely undisclosed. In contrast, her late ex-husband, Robert Conrad, left behind a more detailed financial legacy. At the time of his passing, he had accumulated a net worth of $10 million, primarily through his successful acting career.

The house the late actor owned in Malibu fetched an impressive $5.1 million in 2020, as mentioned in an article from the Los Angeles Times. While Joan’s net worth may not be as prominently highlighted, it is evident that her former husband’s financial success played a significant role in their shared history.

Joan Is A Mother

Joan Kenlay, a devoted mother, shares a family with her late ex-husband, Robert Conrad. The family consists of five children, each charting their paths in life. Joan was born on December 31, 1952, and has worked as a producer. She was notably credited for her work on “High Mountain Rangers.”

Robert Conrad and his kids are sitting down at their house for a picture.
Robert Conrad with a few of his kids (Source: Pinterest)

Nancy was born on March 1, 1954, and has pursued a career in acting, earning recognition for her roles in “Black Sheep Squadron,” “Sudden Death,” and “A Man Called Sloane.” Additionally, she has taken on a leadership role as the founder and chairman of The Conrad Foundation.

Christian, born on September 17, 1964, has ventured into the world of acting. Shane, born on September 24, 1971, is an actor known for his roles in films such as “The Brady Bunch Movie,” and “Wanderlust.” While not much information is available about daughter Christy, it is known that she attended Pepperdine University.

Financial Struggles While Married To Robert

Joan and Robert’s marital journey faced its share of financial challenges. One particular incident was in December 1953. She was six months pregnant with their second child at the time. Robert found himself facing job loss.

The late actor had been working at the docks but was fired after distributing a petition aimed at removing his union steward from the position. This unforeseen setback marked a period of financial uncertainty for the couple.

Kenlay’s Ex-Husband Is No More

Robert Conrad passed away on February 8, 2020, in Malibu, California, United States. His departure marked the end of a remarkable life in the entertainment industry.

Unfortunately, Joan’s ex-husband succumbed to heart failure (like Elizabeth Taylor) at the age of 84, as reported in an article from AP News. His passing was a moment of reflection for those who had admired his talent and contributions to the world of entertainment.


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