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Jill Arrington with her daughter

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A collage of Jill Arrington and her daughter Presley Kate Panaro's images. Jill's daughter was born in 2004.
Jill Arrington has a daughter named Presley Kate Panaro with her husband Dean Panaro. The couple met in Miami while attending the University of Miami and got married in 2001. They wed at Bel Air Hotel, Los Angeles.
Sports reporter Jill Arrington is smiling, standing beside a mic on the podium. Jill Arrington is currently working as a sportscaster of KCBS/KCAL. 1 of 5 Swipe To View More 5
Jill Arrington is the sportscaster for Los Angeles based KCBS/KCALJill Arrington with her daughterJill Arrington pays homage to Miami Hurricanes on the College Colors DayJill Arrington and husband Dean Panaro are no longer togetherJill Arrington is the sportscaster and sideline reporter for channel KCBS/KCAL based in Los Angeles

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