Jen Selter’s nose job was prompted by internet bullies: Before and after pictures

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Jen Selter, an Instagram sensation, was bullied in high school for her looks. After getting her nose job, she became viral on the internet for her fitness ethics and her seductive butt. Her net worth has been rising because of her internet fame, which also includes $60,000 from social media sites for endorsing products.

Jen Selter, a bullied high school kid, regained body confidence only after getting plastic surgery

Jen was picked up on for her “quite large and odd-shaped” nose. Her mother recalls that she would come home crying. At school, she would be ridiculed for having alarge nose which actually ran through Jen’s family.

“In the moment, the sting of a nasty comment or the wrath of bullies puts a cloud over your whole world.” Jen remembers being sad and feeling worthless until she got a plastic surgery. “When you’re young, it’s hard to have perspective on how big the world is and how long the journey of life goes on.”

However, after few years Jen realized that there would always be bullies; that her life was not about what others thought of her but of what she thought of herself.

She now has an important message to all those that are thinking of altering their looks: “The thing I want people to know is that there is no “perfect body.” what I try to aspire to is to be the best version of myself, inside and out.”

Jen Selter became an internet sensation after she started practising extreme fitness rituals

Jen was always passionate about disciplined workouts and healthy fitness schemes. Spending time in the gym and posting snaps of her exercise would increase her body confidence. She became viral when popular celebrity like Rihanna started following her on Instagram.

As of October 2016, Jen has 10 M followers in Instagram. She reportedly earns around $60,000 for endorsing products in social media like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. In addition, Ask Men titled her 84th among the 99 Most Desirable Women 2014. Jen has started #JenSelterChallenge with a motto “Health, Lifestyle and Fitness Starts From You”.

She has accumulated a net worth of $1 million, primarily by advocating fitness and daily workouts.

Jen Selter is yet to tell her fans if she is dating anyone

Jen has kept her love life away from media spotlight. Her social media sites show no apparent evidence of any romantic involvement.

It must require a huge time commitment to maintain her body – especially her amazing posterior! Jen Selter's future boyfriend is surely a lucky man!!

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